Britney Keeps It Together As Her Outfit Doesn’t

I'm more for "Team Brit" than for any other B singer out there. Britney – you can do no wrong.  Even when things don't go just right, you manage to keep going.  The show must go on!

During her “Piece of Me” concert at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Friday, Britney Spears showed everyone that she’s a consummate professional.

The pop goddess suffered a wardrobe malfunction at her concert on Oct. 19, when, during her performance of “3,” a Godney-infused hip thrust caused her zipper to break.

As soon as the back of her outfit popped open, Spears could be seen trying to fix it for a moment before motioning to a backup dancer to try zipping it back up for her. After a few failed attempts from a couple of different dancers, Spears struts away and continues the performance like a boss, back fully exposed.

“No one in the audience noticed until her dancer was spending way too much time behind her.” Cara Brennan, a fan in attendance, told MTV News. She only ran off stage to change once the performance was over.

Something like this has actually happened to Spears before — at her Vegas performance on Dec. 28, 2014, her performance dress for “Circus” opened in a similar fashion, but that time, a backup dancer was able to zip her dress back up.

Even though Spears’ bodysuit was seconds away from falling off, she kept thrusting, dropping and twirling anyway. But that’s all in a days work for the Princess of Pop.

Watch the full performance below (malfunction starts at about the 1:10 mark.) –



Way to go Brit.


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13 thoughts on “Britney Keeps It Together As Her Outfit Doesn’t”

  1. Good Job Britney!   I can’t

    Good Job Britney!   I can't believe some of these people and their hateful opinions!  You RULE!

  2. ss every Listen guys, as

    ss every Listen guys, as simple as: you like Britney or you don't. To compare Gaga, Madonna or whoever it is with Britney, it's ridiculous. Everyone knows that every artist has a vocal range, tone… And for Britney is different, she doesn't sing, so what?… She gives good shows and she's an excellent artist in her own way.

    It is stupid all the comments and comparisons. Coca Cola is not the same as a Beer, both are drinks but the one doesn't have anything in common with the other one, and both are delicious in it's own way. So, be objective and not ridiculous.

  3. After seeing the amazing

    After seeing the amazing Madonna tour footage my friends took this weekend…this just looks like a lazy lip-syncing mess.  I saw Gaga, and she was awesome and sang (and played)!  Come on, this is the same show every night….I get it, but it isn't supposed to look phoned in.  Totally looks phoned in.  Sorry….I love Brit, but this looks like she's tired and just marking the choreography….  I would want my money back.  Even Madonna moves better at 57!!!

  4. That is SO SAD! Going to

    That is SO SAD! Going to someone who is a "singer" usually means that they sing at their concerts. Yes, you go for the overall entertainment, but 100% — a singer should actually sing! …There are so many talented people in this world, who would give anything to have a platform like this. Yet, music executives continue to give the stage to people who just cannot stand up to the real talents of the world! 

    Britney-Bitch simply cannot sing! Neither can Salina Gomez! Oh God, have you heard her sing live?! Or Kanye West?! A train wreck of a performer. Justin, Miley, Demi… Awful! Honestly, these "celebrities" are just placeholders. Almost anyone could do what they do with the best trainers in the world and the best music engineers in the world. …They get so much fame and fortune for extremely little talent, and what the hell are they doing to help the world with it? How are they using their lives? –Only for themselves! …Then hoards of people go and support them. …Hell no. I actually saw her in concert when I was younger. she was awful! So much smoke and mirrors. I became disillusioned. Go to Broadway, and see true talent. Theatre performers can sing and dance 8 performances per week! Britney, and most of today's "singers," do not deserve 99% of their fame or money. But neither does most of Hollywood these days. 


    LOOK UP: " HOLLYWOOD NEPOTISM " …You will be shocked!!! 

    • That is SO SAD! Going to

      That is SO SAD! Going to someone who is a "singer" usually means that they sing at their concerts.

      Ermmm….no it doesn't, at least not with manufactured artists (ie the majority of  people within the top 50 on the charts week to week) and really hasn't been the case since the 70's or so when lipsynching live (especially for TV because doing it bad there was a no no) became standard. I mean even someone like Beyonce who can sing, often lipsynchs live. So not really sure what fantasy world your living in since it's actually pretty rare for artists to not be lipsynching at their gigs.


    • you don’t go to a Britney
      you don’t go to a Britney concert to listen to live music, you go to watch the show, like watching a live movie. or a play. she may not sing live but she still puts on nice shows. if you enjoy her music it’s still fun to watch her dance around to it I would guess.

      • You should absolutely expect

        You should absolutely expect more out of multi-millionaire performers. They should ABSOLUTELY be able to SING, when they are getting paid millions and millions of dollars to.. SING! 



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