Britney Makes Us Thirsty For Her Show With ‘Day One’ Pic.



When I go to Las Vegas next, I want to see Britney, I need to see Britney, I have to see Britney.  Can someone make that happen? I've seen her entire show on the internets, but I still desire to see it in person.   Her body is now more rocking and she seems to be moving a little more around the stage.  It can only get better, right?


Well we just saw how much better it can be.  Behold the 'Day One' pic Britney posted to her Facebook page. Click on pic for a larger view.


Did I just find my new desktop wallpaper? I'm really having a hard time concentrating on just one.  The mohawk, the barely there tank, the coif, the bulges, the split, the smile, the thumbs up. Yes, I'm a lonely man.

And of course Britney looks great, too.  And we all want to be her, even more now.

I hope to see you soon Britney.  And if you want to see her, go to her recommended Ticketmaster site for tickets to her show.



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