Britney Spears Gets Woken Up by Her Hot Dancers with Something Yummy

Pop icon Britney Spears showed off her silly and super adorable side in a video that was posted on her Instagram Wednesday.


The "Sometimes" songstress is currently finishing up the European leg of her Piece of Me tour, where she performed for a second time in Paris, France last night. Her last concert overseas will be in Blackpool, England this Saturday (where "Britishney" might return). 

She decided to have a little fun with her extraordinarily hot backup dancers by doing a short clip of her sleeping right before her show is set to begin. In case you didn't know, this is what the guys look like:


The muscle-bound dudes frantically look for Britney, with one saying "WE HAVE A SHOW!" over and over again. They find her fast asleep, but know the one thing that works to wake the pop legend up: ice cream.


Sometimes you just need ice cream to get going!!!!!! It's showtime!! #PieceOfMe

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She quickly emerges after getting a whiff of the delicious dessert, and gets up totally ready with hair, makeup and her outfit done. "Sometimes you just need ice cream to get going!!!!!! It's showtime!!", she captioned the clip. Aww. 

Britney please let me know when we can have our own adorable ice cream date. 

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