Britney Spears Has a Personal Trainer Boyfriend And He’s HOT!

I have been a fan of Britney Spears for almost twenty years now, dating back to her first (and arguably, most iconic) song "…Baby One More Time".  Although she has had some major success in the music department, one thing that she has lacked in a bit is her quest to find love.



Built to fight.

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However, her luck might be changing before my very gay eyes, as her newest man candy has got to be her hottest yet!  Meet personal trainer Sam Asghari, who has been with the "Toxic" singer for a couple of months now.




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People have been crediting Sam for helping Britney stay in tiptop shape as she completes her Britney: Piece of Me tour in Las Vegas.  He seems like the right man for the job given his physique.



Oh, and he rocks some wonderful facial hair too, which I am always a huge fan of.  Keep that going Sam, it looks great on you.



Again 2/3

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They also just cute PDA video of them kissing, dancing and having a great time with each other.  I'm jealous of both of them in many different ways.

Kudos Sam.  Enjoy the ride! 


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