Britney Spears Invited by Gaetz And Greene To Testify Before Congress

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It’s been a week since Britney Spears delivered a harrowing testimony to the LA courts in a desperate plea to end her oppressive conservatorship. And of course, there was no shortage of leeches trying to once again capitalize on Britney’s distress, most notably disgraced gossip viper Perez Hilton. Just a couple of days after delivering an audaciously self-serving apology to Spears on Don Lemon Tonight, Perez was rack back at it posting negative stories about the 40-year-old pop music icon. 

Well, in a bizarre twist, it turns out Perez Hilton wasn’t the only leech ready to latch onto the hot trending story of Britney’s battle. Last week, Britney received words of support and a peculiar invitation from four House Republicans – two of whom are arguably among the most repulsive humans ever to serve in the Congressional office. 


Accused child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz, and believer of forrest fire-causing “Jewish space lasers” Marjorie Taylor Greene, along with Andy Biggs and Burgess Owens, invited Britney to come to Washington and discuss with lawmakers her ongoing battle with her father. 

 In a letter, the four Representatives wrote, 

“The United States Congress should hear your story and be inspired to bipartisan action. What happened to you should never happen to any other American.”


The ridiculous thing about this invitation is that since President Obama was in office until now, Mitch McConnell aka ‘Doctor No’ and his fellow Republicans have done nothing but obstruct any attempts to bring votes to the floor pertaining to urgent constitutional matters such as gun violence, voter suppression, election security, and the deadly Trump-led insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, 2020. 

Remarkably, with that abysmal negligence in dealing with essential constitutional issues, now somehow, the #FreeBritney movement has made its way to the top of the GOP’s priority list. 

Even more laughable is the statement of solidarity the four members offered to Britney in their letter, “We stand with” Spears no matter what she decides.”

Really? That’s a pretty odd declaration considering a key point of Britney’s plea is that she is being forced by the courts and her father to block her uterus with an IUD, preventing her from getting pregnant against her wishes of having more kids. 


How’s that for irony – the political party that notoriously continues to lobby for control over women’s vaginas wants to liberate Britney. Still, they have not addressed that the courts are controlling her reproductive rights.

I’m perplexed by this invitation, especially since it would seem Gaetz should be less worried about Britney Spears and more focused on the criminal claims against him of drugging teenage girls and having sex with them. 

And as for Marjorie Taylor Greene, who surprisingly needed a trip to the Holocaust museum two weeks ago to be convinced that millions of Jews were actually murdered by a homicidal, maniacal Hitler – would her time not be better spent reading books on world history?


Britney, honey, if you’re reading this, stay far away from these Congress members. They are only trying to use you to garner positive press and distract from their well-documented complicit behavior in aiding and condoning the January 6th insurrectionists who attempted to overturn an election, killing two police officers and injuring others.

I would also warn you, Britney, to distinctly stay away from Gaetz because of all we’re learning about his alleged criminal sexual exploits; who knows if he’d try something with you. Then again, that seems unlikely since you’re not a minor. Oops!

I’m just keeping it real here, whereas my purpose in writing this piece was never to call out the alleged criminal depravity of Gaetz …oh well. Oops, I did it again. 

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  1. These nut jobs and several others including Moscow Mitch need to become unemployed in the next election! They are turning the USA into a laughing stock!


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