Britney Spears Teases Secret Project!

Britney Spears Teases Secret Project!

Please Tell Us This Is Her Next Album!


In a world obsessed with social media, it’s easy to jump to conclusions with miscommunication. Especially with our favorite celebrities – musicians in particular – who are constantly teasing us with bits of their latest work. Taylor Swift hypes up her fans by releasing what seems word by word in Instagram videos. The tease is appreciated, as I don’t believe anyone could handle an entire Beyonce album being dropped out of nowhere again. We live for the hype, the questions – hell, it’s just foreplay. We love it!

 One of the greatest pop divas, Britney Spears, is the latest celebrity to have us questioning her next moves. While she is performing her residency in Vegas, nothing states that she cannot be working on her next album – right?! The tease comes at a fantastic time, taking some shine away from Swift’s newly released album Reputation. In fact, Spears coming out with new music next would be her perfect move. It would be during a time when the Swift fans can calm down and Katy Perry is busy judging the American Idol reboot which is sure to tank and could likely destroy Perry’s career.

Spears posted a selfie on Instagram. It clearly looks like she’s on a set and in full makeup. She even captions her post as “Secret Project” to drive us mad. Check it out below:


Secret project

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The man in Spears’ Instagram post is German photographer, Peter Lindbergh. So, is this just a photoshoot?! It can’t be! This must be her next album. Perhaps an album cover?!

Twitter is determined to figure out the secret. Two Twitter users even discovered Japanese writing in the background reads: “Part Of Me”.


Part of Me could totally be Spears’ next album name! In the same vein as Piece of Me?! Yes!

Britney, please give us more! WE WANT MORE!

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