Britney To Return To Las Vegas For 2019? Leaving The Planet For Monte Carlo?

For all of us that where saddened they did not get a chance to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas before she shut down her "Piece of Me" show *raises both hands*, we're going to get another chance!  In what has been called a hush-hush multi-million dollar discussion, Britney seems to be all set to sign the papers to return to Las Vegas.

When and if she returns (we NEED IT!), she will be changing stages from Planet Hollywood to The Park Theater at The Monte Carlo, which was renamed this year as Park MGM.

The change in venue comes with some changes in the performance as well.  When she starts this next residency, scheduled to be for two years (her first run was for 4 years), Britney will pull in $500,000 per show, making her the highest-paid woman on the Strip and more than her $400,000 per show from her last stay in Sin City.

She joins a fine cast of singers as MGM owns the Park  and holds the contracts of Cher, Lady Gaga, and Ricky Martin.  Imagine if they all showed up to her opening!

Rumors are the show will build upon and be a reworked version of her "Piece of Me", but with less singing and more performance.  Bite your tongue bitches about her lip syncing already.  We know and were fine with it!

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What is exciting is she'll be returning to Las Vegas for the 21st anniversary of her debut hit, "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Can we be there for the opening Britney?  Please!!!




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