Broad City Star Abbi Jacobson Says She’d Date A Man Or A Woman

We have news for anyone who’s a fan of the comedy series Broad City or of the visibility of LGBTQ celebrities.

If you don’t know Broad City, it’s a Comedy Central show with four seasons under its belt and a fifth one currently being written. The series follows show creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson as they play spoofed versions of themselves. The series is bold, mature, and very open about discussing sexuality, which is why its not surprising that co-star/creator Jacobson was equally open about her own love life.

In an interview with Variety Magazine, Abbi Jacobson shared that she’s willing to date both women and men.

“I kind of go both ways; I date men and women,” she says. “They have to be funny, doing something they love. I don’t know—I’ve never really been interviewed about this before.” 

While that information was added quickly at the end of the article, the main focus of the interview focused on Abbi Jacobson’s blossoming career. Besides creating, writing for, acting in, and sometimes directing her hit comedy series, Jacobson also handles several other projects.

For instance, the bulk of the interview focused on Jacobson’s new Netflix movie called 6 Balloons. The film, in which she costars with Dave Franco, is a shift from her typical comedy background.

6 Balloons has Jacobson acting as a devoted sister who tries to take care of her relapsed heroin-addicted brother and his child. The film discusses addiction but focuses on the enabler and not the addicted.

On top of that, she’s excited to see viewer reactions to her, and co-star Ilana Glazer’s, guest judging stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Of course, thoughts on that are then quickly taken over by plans for a second season of her modern art podcast titled A Piece of Work.

Or, she could be thinking about her voice acting work for an upcoming animated Netflix series called Disenchantment, in which she’ll be voicing an alcoholic medieval princess named Bean. Then, she also has to save time to brainstorm writing ideas for Amazon's tv version of A League of Our Own.

Abbi Jacobson has a lot on her plate career-wise, and all of that takes precedent. But in the middle of a hectic schedule, she’s shared that she’s not against dating. In fact, as she says herself, “Who knows? The world is my oyster.”

h/t: Variety

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