Broadway Star Claybourne Elder Shows Off Fit Bod in Shirtless Pics

Claybourne Elder recently shared a series of shirtless pics that left his Instagram followers thirsting for more… (who wouldn’t? 😉 )

(c) Instagram: @claybourneelder & @matthewtylerpriestley

In the photos, the 41-year-old American actor and singer is posing behind a caramel brown-colored backdrop while wearing a pair of black slacks. Meanwhile, his upper body is bare, showing off his fit physique and toned abs.


“I call this Shirtless and Looking For My Keys. Photos by @matthewtylerpriestley,” he wittily wrote on the caption.

As expected, the comments section are filled with similarly witty and amusing sentiments from his followers, and here are some of them:

“you’re always like the 1950’s are trying to sell me cigarettes with the promise of wholesome sun drenched queer masculine valour,” Instagram user @katicatronica wrote, to which Elder replied with:


“hoping you lose your keys more often,” @sedgwick_guth commented.


Meanwhile, @brazenovertures suggested:

“I think your keys are between my sheets… come look with me.”

On that note, here are Elder’s sexy shirtless pics:

(c) Instagram: @claybourneelder / @matthewtylerpriestley
(c) Instagram: @claybourneelder / @matthewtylerpriestley
(c) Instagram: @claybourneelder / @matthewtylerpriestley

And since we’re already on the topic of his hot photos, here’s a behind-the-scenes pic, which he posted earlier this year:

(c) Instagram: @claybourneelder / @matthewtylerpriestley

Moreover, Elder has been married to director Eric Rosen since 2012, and they have a son named Bo via surrogacy.

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  1. He & I both grew up gay in Utah. I can tell you now it wasn’t at all easy. Props to him and his career. Bringing some gay heat to The Gilded Age as well.


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