Brodie The Goldendoodle (And His Daddy) Have Us All Saying “Woof”!

There’s something undeniably irresistible about a gorgeous man with his equally adorable dog & that is no more true than with Cliff Brush and his goldendoodle Brodie. So much so, Brush and the precocious pup have garnered over five million social media followers, showing Brush & Brodie on global adventures taking them on everywhere from New York City’s famed Times Square to Aspen, Colorado to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launch party! Brody & Brush have even found the time to launch their own pet gear brand, Plus One Pet Gear, offering everything from dog backpacks and dog goggles to gear up your own four-legged friend on your own adventures. 


Above all, Brodie and Brush are adventure seekers. After leaving his job as an accountant and business consultant, Brush hit the road to travel cross-country and of course, took Brodie along for the ride.They hit everywhere from Mt. Zion National Park in Utah, the famed Las Vegas Strip, and even Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana! Brush chronicles all of their adventures on social media, who showcases Brodie being a consistent showstopper, garnering photo opps, smiles, and plenty of patented Brodie hugs along the way. Brush has even upped the cuteness factor on his socials, by documenting the birth of a litter of goldendoodle puppies (6 boys, 5 girls) who provided endless amounts of “awww” content before each departing to their own forever homes. 

While Brodie’s own daddy is leaving his relationship status somewhat vague online, Cliff & Brodie seem to be living too much of action packed & globetrotting life to be tied down for too long. Brodie & Cliff took a break from cycling (complete with matching glasses for Brodie) and did a lengthy video earlier this year where he chatted about everything from some of their favorite national parks to some of the grooming techniques he uses to keep Brodie always looking his most camera ready.


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