Bronx Restaurant Employee Fired For Arguing With Gay Couple

Screenshots via News12 The Bronx

A Bronx restaurant is apologizing after a former employee tried to kick out a gay couple from their establishment.

La Isla Cuchifrito Restaurant in the Mott Haven neighborhood within the Bronx is under fire for an incident that happened earlier this past Sunday. Husbands Nelson Ayala and Jamel Brown Jr. say they were asked to leave by a homophobic employee.


“Now that we have to go somewhere and be kicked out because of our sexual preference is just mind-blowing,” said Brown Jr. to News12 The Bronx.

Despite the female employee, who has remained unnamed, asking the couple to leave, none of the other staff enforced the decision. However, Ayala and Brown still chose to cancel their order and leave anyway. Upon threatening to call the police, the employee apologized.

“Who I love shouldn’t define where I shop or eat at. I came here to get service, not to get judged,” said Ayala. 

The son and husband of the owners say the restaurant in no way condones the comments made by their former employee, who was fired on January 16. They emphasized that they have been a part of the community for over 20 years and have never dealt with something like this situation. They have also offered the couple their sincerest apology and a free meal.

Source: News12 The Bronx,

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