Bronze Avery’s New MV Is All About The “Boys”

Image via YouTube @BronzeAvery

Rising music artist Bronze Avery has given us a gay bop to help us enjoy our time inside. Even better? He did it with an all-queer cast and crew.

In the below music video for Avery’s single “Boys,” we see Bronze hanging out with many other queers artists, models, performers, and more. Namely, Jared GoldsteinAj KnightDerek CanoDaniel JusticeAdam LeeXavier, and Damontae Hack. But that’s not all, Bronze also worked with Joe DesantisJustin Gilbert, and Shawn Binder to shoot the music video. He then co-wrote the song with queer songwriter Gabe Reali. Though, Bronze Avery produced and mixed the song all by himself.


Not only does the R&B/pop singer show his commitment to the gay community through working with gay artists, but he also did so in the very purpose and mission of the song. As he told Gay Times, he created the song and music video to represent how his mind sees (and body feels about) boys.

“I finally feel like I’ve been able to translate what goes on in my head into a tangible, imaginative visual,” he told them.


Bronze Avery also shared that he wants to keep people’s spirits up during the pandemic. As such, he’s decided to release new music during the lockdown instead of waiting till after it.

“It’s weird to think of this as the new normal, especially as someone who thrives on being social. On the flip side, I feel like people are more connected than ever as a society, especially when morale is really low,” he added.

Check out the music video below.

Source: GayTimes

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