Brooke Eden Is “American Dreamin” Helping Redefine Country Music

Country music is well-known to have the ability to take a young music upstart, and while while carefully curating their talent and public image, finds a way to turn them into superstars. Brooke Eden is one of the newest voices on the country music  scene and her song “Left You For Me” is one of the hottest country songs of the summer. After trying out for American Idol in both its seventh and tenth season, (she made it to Hollywood the first time around), Eden is continuing to churn out brand new music and found the time to even get engaged-to promotion director Hillary Hoover, who has some country music connections of her own. 



Recently, Eden took to the famed Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville, TN and was joined by a country superstar for a surprising duet. Eden’s fiancee Hillary Hoover is a promotion director for music legends Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, and Yearwood joined Eden on stage at the Opry. Yearwood mentioned that “we have some Pride going on” and that “love is love, you can’t just say it-you gotta mean it”. She & Eden then launched into a version of Yearwood’s signature anthem “She’s In Love With A Boy” with the lyrics (at Yearwood’s direction) changed to “She’s In Love With A Girl” as the crowd roared their approval and phones immediately started recording the landmark moment. 


“She’s In Love With The Girl” on the @Grand Ole Opry stage with Trisha Yearwood!! #countrymusic #foryourpride #foryoupage #fyp #grandoleopry #oprymoment #lgbtq #MakeASplash

♬ original sound – Brooke Eden



With two over the top wedding proposals (documented in People), Eden and Hoover are ready to take the plunge and make it official. Hoover told People “Of course we’re excited to get married, but we’ve been committed to each other for five years. So I don’t feel like the wedding will be this huge step for us as much as it will feel like we’re so excited to spend time with all of our loved ones together”. Eden followed up by saying “The wedding, to us, is a merging of our families and our friends, finally,” she says. “You could put me in a basement, but if everyone’s there, we would be so happy”.

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