Brooks Laich Will Be “Boundless” With His Sexuality

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In A Lengthy Instagram Post, Married Hockey Player Brooks Laich States He’s Exploring His Sexuality In 2020

Whoa! It looks like Brooks Laich is delivering the ultimate clapper to his wife. You probably don’t know who Laich is. He’s a beeftastic, thirty-six year old, Canadian who used to be a professional hockey player for the Washington Capitals and Los Angeles Kings. But, we really don’t follow sports, right? So, the only reason we probably know him is because he’s been dating Dancing with the Stars alumni and recently-fired from America’s Got Talent Julianne Hough since 2014 and married her in 2017. Hough not only has done blackface in 2013 but considers herself “not straight”. According to People Magazine, the couple has been separated for months and are in the middle of some problems. Ahh, a tale as old as time… a celebrity couple on the rocks. But, this one is definitely more interesting than the rest. Because… perhaps Hough’s fluid sexuality made Laich a little curious himself?!


According to US Magazine, Laich wants to explore his sexuality in 2020. Well, he’s going to be “boundless” as he tells it, in an Instagram post. The free agent hockey star adds that he has felt bound to certain identities his entire life and not wants to be as free as his career, or possibly his future ex-wife’s sexuality. He states he’s been feeling more creative lately, citing reading and coloring as new hobbies which he never sought interest in. He goes on to tell he’s on a new journey  his life and is open to all things, including exploring his sexuality and intimacy.

While divorce is clearly looming, I don’t really see this being a bitter battle to the end. While Laich’s hasn’t posted a photo with Hough on his Instagram in over three months… he mentions that Hough has brought out the best in him. Or does this mean that she helped him come out? Either way, a separation totally makes sense because plenty of couples in love post about themselves on social media constantly. Laich only appears to post advertisements and photos of himself working out – already a typical gym queen. I forsee an exciting life ahead for him, especially once the ring is off his finger and onto other organs maybe? Thirty-six is a perfect time to recharge yourself as you’re just getting into the best days of your life. I’m sure Laich will have plenty of direct messages on Instagram to go through after word gets around he’s looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side. And let’s not forget to mention he is rockin’ a super cute donk, too! Heyy Brooks!


Do you believe Laich’s marriage to Hough opened him up to explore his sexuality?

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  1. “Hough not only has done blackface in 2013 but considers herself ‘not straight.'”

    How are these thoughts connected?

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  3. I read his post and he didn’t say anything about exploring his sexuality or intimacy. He does say he doesn’t want to be bound to old identities. Did he edit the post? To answer your question, as I read this to mean , no I don’t think his wife or marriage opened him up to exploring his sexuality. Thanks for introducing me to him though, lol!


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