Bryan Fischer Wants LGBT Flag Banned If Confederate Flag Is Banned

Ever since the Charlottesville incident, a lot of people have been pushing to get remaining Confederate statues to be removed. Some have been removed, such as the instance when Maryland removed statues over night.

While the debate isn’t new, it had been renewed. And with it, conservatives came out saying the Rainbow flag was on the same level and that it needed to be removed too. Parents and students at certain schools have petitioned that it be taken down.

In the latest wave of occurrences, Bryan Fischer used his American Family Radio program to say that the Pride flag should be taken down if the Confederate flag must be also. This was in response to the fact that some schools in North Carolina have started to implement dress codes that ban the representations of the Confederate Flag.

Fischer said, ““It is offensive, it is contrary to our most deeply held values, it divides people, it does not bring them together it’s time to have the LGBT flag banned right alongside the Confederate flag. If we’re going to ban one, I submit we need to ban the other.”

You can watch his full comments below:



With the current political climate, the debate is far from over. However, we can continue to persist and resist and show that the Rainbow flag is about unity. 

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    We're allowing far too many people's stupidity to shine right now. Another dimwit who should crawl back into his hole and bury himself, decreasing the surplus stupidity!


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