Bryan Singer Illness Delays Freddie Mercury Film!

Bryan Singer Illness Delays Freddie Mercury Film!

Or Is There More To The Story?

Any Classic Rock fan will tell you how excited they are for the film Bohemian Rhapsody, centered on the band Queen and their lead, Freddie Mercury. Anyone can put Queen’s greatest hits album and rock out, but you may want to avoid Googling the director, Bryan Singer, as you’ll be led into his shady past with sexual allegations. In the Entertainment world, the allegations have been destroying careers and household names. One of the names I’m completely shocked have not been released is Singer. He’s had allegations for years and now only time will tell before his domino falls.

According to BBC, production for the Bohemian Rhapsody has been put to a halt citing Singer’s “illness”. Hmm, may we please speculate that this could potentially not be an illness, but some cards are falling behind the scenes. Singer’s past, now more than ever, is going to come back to haunt him. I am willing to bet that there are allegations brewing against the acclaimed Director that are pushing this production further and further. Although I am a huge fan of Queen, I refuse to see this film with Singer’s name attached to it. I don’t buy the alleged illness for a moment. There is something bigger to do with production being on hold. In the politically charged climate and allegations coming to light every day, there must be something up. Is it time? Are we finally about to see Singer go down for his allegations? This man is good friends with three of the predators who were outed in the last few months: Tyler Grasham, Gary Goddard, and Kevin Spacey.

Bryan Singer…tick, tick, tock – you’re running out of time.

Do you believe there is a hidden agenda behind the film’s production hold?

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