Building designed to mimic Beyoncé’s Curves.

In my current shape / fitness / form, I would definitely not want a couch, let alone a building designed after my body.  One of the most curvaceous women in the world may not have a choice.

Australian firm Elenberg Fraser has won planning approval for a 226-metre-high Melbourne skyscraper that will feature a curvaceous form taken from a music video by Beyoncé.

The new Premiere Tower at 134 Spencer Street will boast a series of curves and bulges designed to make it as structurally efficient as possible, but that also reference one of Beyoncé's music videos.

The shape is an homage to the undulating fabric-wrapped bodies of dancers in the singer's music video for Ghost – a song from her self-titled 2013 album, which was originally published as one half of track called Haunted but released as a stand-alone music video. –

And if you have not seen the video for Ghost, here it is.



The 68-story structure, which was approved by planning officials in May, will be located at the west end of the city's central business district. It will contain 660 apartments, as well as a 160-room hotel.



According to Elenberg Fraser, the shape of the Premiere Tower also responds to climate, wind and the particular limitations of the site.



"This project is the culmination of our significant research," said the firm. "The complex form – a vertical cantilever – is actually the most effective way to redistribute the building's mass, giving the best results in terms of structural dispersion, frequency oscillation and wind requirements." –

I am sure Beyonce would like us talking about her shape and how her form is a very effective way of distributing her mass.  No, that probably wouldn't fly for any female.

There have been other buildings designed to look like other celebrities.  The Washington Monument after Ron Jeremy.  Kidding of course. He is that old, but I've never seen his spire to compare.   But the design of the Beyonce building .. "It follows in the footsteps of MAD's hourglass-shaped skyscrapers in Mississauga, Canada, which were dubbed the 'Marilyn Monroe towers' by local residents." –

No completion date has yet been released.

I'm going to say it.  Here it goes.  I am not a big Beyonce fan.  I like her music, but I don't idolize her or thinks she's the Bey's knees.  She is a great performer and a wonderful singer.  But I have a hard time idolizing anyone.  The peeps over at I am sure love her as well, but that didn't stop them constructing some sayings about the Beyonce building.

Loren Grush: From the top of the tower, I can see your halo.

Ross Miller: Each residential unit will feature additional storage units to the left, to the left of the front door.

Arielle Duhaime-Ross: It's nice to see a tower that doesn't look like a penis.

Vlad Savov: You can now legitimately say, "I want to live in Beyonce's butt."

Dieter Bohn: It's kind of wavy? I don't think you're ready for this jelly-inspired skyscraper.

Chris Plante: If you like it, then you better put parking in it.

Ross: Too easy. Let me know when someone designs a tower based on "Single Ladies."

Kaitlyn Tiffany: If you live in this building you'll pretty much always wake up in the kitchen wondering how the hell this shit happened.

Leah Christians: Front door: flawless. Lobby: flawless. Front desk: flawless. Elevator: flawless.

Plante: A condo in this building costs bills, bills, bills.

Ross: It's irre-plaza-ble (note: almost a real title) –

Can you add any more sayings to their list?

Who else would make a good model for a building?

Here is a pic of the Marilyn Monroe towers.

What do you think?