Bulking Season, Busting Moves, Bears On Bikes + More

Sharing favorite Instagrams from the week starting with surfbearla, who's got a bear tank top and he's not afraid to use it
surfbearla (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with surfbearla who’s got a bear tank-top and he’s not afraid to use it.

Cheyenne Parker wore a crop top:

Peanut the squirrel and his ‘hooman’ were on carb duty:

Max Emerson was feeling was beta testing Halloween costumes:

tmarkq doesn’t need a Bat-suit:

Beefy bear Grant is down for bulking season:

Dr. Marco followed his head and his heart:

Shomari Francis chilled on the water:

Firefighter Logan was busting moves:

Andre Chandler got his Pride on in Phoenix:

Levy Van Wilgen can wear some gym togs:

TejasBoeuf broke out the dirt bike:

Nick Champa brought back summer through sheer force of will:

Paul Dennison expressed himself:

GayUncleMario toasted the weekend with his latest round-up of gay memes (swipe for the memes):

Bruno Baba got sweaty:

Farmer Ben shot a charity calendar for Movember causes:

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