Bumble Drops a Kind and Sexy Video Featuring Adam DiMarco

Adam DiMarco is not only known for his talent in acting, but also for his kind heartthrob image, which is not a facade at all. He is actually really nice, which makes him a perfect fit for Bumble’s new campaign called “Kindness is Sexy”.

(c) Instagram: @_manabouttownuk & @adamdimarco

The dating app released a video featuring the 33-year-old Canadian actor going on about his day and offering acts of kindness to the people he cross paths with. He makes heads turn as soon as he walks along the busy city streets, and the first thing he does is help a lady to start her motorcycle.


DiMarco also comes across a father with his baby, and gave him a cup of coffee that he just bought. He continues to walk around the neighborhood with a cheerful smile on his face, and all the people he cross paths with fall for his charm and kind gestures.

(c) Instagram: @adamdimarco

Bumble’s new campaign, which is portrayed in the video featuring ‘The White Lotus’ actor, shows “a place where men smile, where they tell the truth, where they’re focused on other people besides themselves,” as per Nylon.

The outlet further noted:


“These are all qualities DiMarco seems to embody in his own life: He doesn’t have a go-to compliment because it should be individualized, though he’s not afraid to point out a solid outfit; he cheers on his buddies in golf even when he’s playing poorly; he finds self-love really sexy.”

You can watch DiMarco’s “Kindness is Sexy” campaign video here:

Source: nylon.com

1 thought on “Bumble Drops a Kind and Sexy Video Featuring Adam DiMarco”

  1. He does nothing for me here, nor did he on what I saw of The White Lotus. And that’s not particularly relevant save for the fact that tags like Hottie are being used here and words like heartthrob are being applied.

    But it is a good commercial and I like the diversity in the people shown, as well as the suggestion that kindness would be sexually attractive and appealing to both men and woman.


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