Bumping Crotches: New Baseball Celebration?

Who knew this was how men celebrated a good play, home run, no grass stains on the uniform.  We're not complaining one bit, but I would have never thought I'd be seeing professional sports players, men bumping their privates together on national television.


It’s a little weird, and kind of a mystery. No one asked Ross about it after the game, but according to a Reddit thread — take that for what it’s worth — Ross started bumping below the belt after hitting home runs (he had 10 this year) early this season. It appears that he would also celebrate that way if he was on deck when a teammate came home after hitting a round-tripper, which he did with Addison Russell when the shortstop homered against the Dodgers in the NLCS.

They’re all into it, so, whatever.

MLB, perhaps sensing that the celebration would become a thing on Thursday, cut the highlight of Ross' homer right before the moment of impact between the catcher and Jason Heyward. But you can't hide on the Internet.  – NYDailynews.com

So without further delay, we bring you Ross's crotch bumping celebration. 

We were so this woman last night.

Unexpected, but appreciated.  Thanks Ross and congrats Chicago Cubs.

What do you think?