Bupa CEO Almost Lost Job Over Love Rival

David Hynam is the CEO of Bupa UK and almost lost his job to a jealous love rival.

Paul Blight had a one night stand with with Hynam's partner Ross Levine. When Levine made it clear he didn't want a relationship, Blight launched into a campaign to destroy Hynam's career.

Blight wrote a letter to the Board of Directors of Bupa accusing Hynam of launching a 320 day homophobic campaign against him in April of this year. Hynam was initially placed under investigation and faced losing his job due to his high profile role.

On top of the letter Blight bombarded Levine with constant emails, phone calls and texts. Levine was forced to block blight on any social channel. Blight also went as far to hand deliver a not to Levine's mother in December of 2016. It shook Levine up as he had never given any of the personal information away. However, he didn't hear from Blight for a few months and thought it was over. In April, a few weeks before the letter was delivered to the Board, he received an email saying "call me or come and see me, I do not appreciate being attacked by you and your family for over 300 days".

In court, Blight represented himself and made the allegations of the homophobic attack happening, along with saying he reported the incident to the police. There was no record however.

In the Blight was found guilty of harassment and sending a letter of false allegations. He was sentenced to serve 150 hours of unpaid work and pay 735 pounds in damages. He also had a two year restraining order against contacting Hynam or Levine.

Blight said he didn't see anything wrong with his actions, and didn't consider them harassment, and plans to appeal the ruling. 

The whole situation is quite crazy and bizzare, but hopefully Hynam and Levine can have a sense of peace and quite now.

Do you have any crazy ex lover stories?


H/T: The Telegraph

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  1. It gets lots of coverage in

    It gets lots of coverage in The Times, The Telegraph etc here. Sounds horrible like he just set out to destroy Hynam even though he didn't know him just wanted to ruin his life and career. Sounds really sick and disgusting. They should have locked him up for lying to the court. Soft sentence

  2. Not that this attack makes

    Not that this attack makes any sense howecer why attack Hynam so aggressively?  Did he not know Levine was in a relationship? 


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