Businesses, Like This Spa, Continue to Discriminate

A gay couple in Naples, Florida has shared that they walked into a day spa where they had already pre-paid for a couple’s massage and they were rudely turned away because they were gay.


Michael Garcia and his boyfriend Armando filmed the manager at the Joy Feet Spa and posted it on Facebook where it immediately gained attention. The spa began getting backlash in support of the couple on Facebook and Yelp.

Garcia told NBC:


I was just in shock. I was like, ‘Why?’ He was like, ‘Cause it’s female and male,’ and he just kept pointing to a poster on the wall for couple’s massages. You hear stories and stuff, but here where I live in Naples, Florida? I would’ve never thought that would happen.

The manager, Jerry Liu, is from China and blames the misunderstanding on culture difference and mentioned that it was not his intent to discriminate. He has invited the couple back for a free message, but they have declined his offer.


It seems that this is happening too frequently in establishments all over the nation. In the last year we have heard of stories of discrimination against gay couples on airlines, spas, and Ubers. They happen every day, but not everyone is standing up for themselves or making it known to the world. We cannot have these types of business open. Last year, Yelp announced a new campaign that tells consumers that their business is Open to All. Looks like Joy Feet Spa needs to get with the program.

Here’s the video of incident in Florida earlier this week:



h/t: NBC

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