Butt Injection Procedure Goes Live During a Florida Court Hearing

Image by Gentle07 from Pixabay

Just when you think you have seen it all folks! In what world is it ok to give a butt injection during a Zoom meeting. And not just any Zoom meeting – a virtual court hearing Zoom meeting!

That’s right people! A seemingly very busy Miami woman, OF COURSE THIS IS HAPPENING IN FLORIDA, double booked herself and decided to kill two birds with one stone by A – going to work where she apparently gives butt injections to men his butt injections and B – be online and in a Zoom meeting for her court hearing.


I mean we are all busy and we are all suffering from Zoom fatigue but where do we draw the line, lol!  You cant make this stuff up!

The Zoom court hearing on Wednesday was over grand theft charges on Niurka Aguero.  According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office, Aguero, the defendant, posted a video of a needle apparently going into someone’s butt while waiting before her case was brought before the judge.

“It seems that during the waiting period prior to the case being brought before the judge, Niurka Aguero was involved in some kind of procedure involving a male receiving an injection in the buttocks, which she appears to have inadvertently broadcast (via Zoom),” Ed Griffith, a spokesperson for the State Attorney’s office, told Insider.

If you have been involved in court hearings during COVID, it is common for routine status hearings over Zoom to include multiple defendants as they wait their turn before being heard by a judge.



The image of the Zoom butt injection was first shared by Miami Herald reporter David Ovalle on Twitter.


“Before COVID, I used to always say the Miami courthouse was the most absurd theater in town, and entrance was free,” Ovalle said. “Nothing has changed in the Zoom age.” 

We are sure this will not go down in history as the oddest thing to be seen during a court hearing, but the butt injection has to be up there!  Ovalle has also posted other oddities to his twitter, things he has witnessed during Zoom court hearings, like a dental appointment, a pig, and a goat.  That’s some entertaining job!



Source: Insider.com

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