Buttigieg Has Enough Donors to Take Part in DNC Debate

Pete Buttigieg, shown on the right, can potentially change American politics by offering a young and fresh face. Image via WNDU.com

Pete Buttigieg (pronounced “Boot-uh-judge”), mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and an openly gay man, has reached the necessary amount of donors needed to allow him to participate in the first Democratic National Committee debate in June, according to The Star Press. While this is a promising first step, more donors are needed for him to compete.

Pete brings up a good point – “largely been dominated by famous people from another generation who work in Washington and typically come from the coast. By gaining an opportunity to campaign, Pete Buttigieg is giving the American people a chance to vote for someone who doesn’t fit the mold of being over fifty and involved in the federal government. In his video, he comments on gun violence and anthropomorphic climate change, saying that he is from the generation where people were in high school when the Columbine Massacre happened and the generation that will have to deal with the effects of climate change. Both of these topics have largely been ignored by the current administration as well as past administrations.

He also commented that the Millennials belong to a generation that stands to be worse off than their parents for the first time in American history if something doesn’t change. As you can infer by the previous paragraph, Pete Buttigieg recognizes the dangers of climate change and supports gun control. He is also a supporter of unions and labor groups, supports single-payer healthcare systems but would first implement an all-payer rate setting, which would set a standard cost across all healthcare companies for any medical procedures, supports the Federal Equality Act that would bar employers from discriminating against people based on sexuality across the nation, along with supporting other traditionally Democratically-held policies. If Buttigieg does become president, he would be the first openly-gay one and the youngest person to ever occupy the Oval Office.

It’s too early for me to know who I’m going to vote for in the 2020 presidential election but it seems to me that Buttigieg has values that very closely resemble the values that I hold so he just might get my vote. Hopefully, he’ll be able to raise enough money to be able to run for president.


h/t: The Star Press

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