Buttigieg Narrowly Leads In Iowa Caucus

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Early Iowa Caucus Results Show Mayor Pete And Bernie Sanders Are Neck And Neck

What a whirlwind the last twenty-four hours have been. What could be even much more exciting than Fantasy Football or the announcement of the latest RuPaul’s Drag Race cast? The Democratic primaries getting underway! The first stop, per always, is Iowa – where registered Democrats are able to show their support for their favorite candidate. Since 1996, Iowa has led the charge with selecting the eventual Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Since the 2016 Election, we have probably been the most divided nation in modern history. Whether you don’t like his personality or his policies, we all have to understand Trump is not to be underestimated in this next crucial election. Democrats have been rallying for their favorites from a pool of many candidates over the last year, but now we are getting down to the front runners and the results we have (so far) may surprise you.


According to CBS News, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is leading the Iowa Caucus as of 3PM PST today with sixty-two percent of the Iowa vote confirmed. Yes, the gay veteran who many have been letting slip under the radar as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been put against one another and Joe Biden continues to get a massive amount of support from the mainstream media and television.

It’s important to note, Buttigieg isn’t leading with the popular vote (which we all know isn’t necessary to win an election as 2016 taught us), but he has the lead with Iowa state delegates – a solid 26.9%. Sanders is currently trailing after him with 25.1%. Surprisingly, coming in at number three is Warren with 18.3% of the vote. Even more shocking is Biden – who has fallen flat in fourth place with 15.6%. Senator Amy Klobuchar has definitely gotten her message out to a wider audience – she wraps up in fifth place with 12.5%, which may be above and beyond any expectation of her.

While we can ponder if the rest of the nation, such as Trump Supports and Evangelists would vote for an openly gay, married Midwesterner, (Gay) Twitter is of course super happy to see Mayor Pete leading. Check out some excited social media posts below:








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