Buttigieg Scored Most Support Among Democratic Debate Watchers

L-R Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren (images via Twitter)

A new Suffolk University/USA Today poll in Iowa shows Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, has surged to within striking distance of former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

The new survey, conducted after last week’s Democratic debate, shows Biden at 18 percent support, closely followed by Warren at 17 percent support. Buttigieg jumps to third place with 13 percent.

That represents a 7 point increase for the mayor since the last Suffolk poll in June. Back then, Biden held a wide double-digit lead over Warren, and Buttigieg was down at 6 percent support.

Biden has since lost 6 points and Warren increased 4 points. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) registered no change in support since June, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) lost 13 points dropping from 16 percent support to 3 percent.

Here are the results of the new poll including the amount of change from last June’s survey to today:

• Biden 18 (-6)
• Warren 17 (+4)
• Buttigieg 13 (+7)
• Sanders 9 (no change)
• Steyer 3 (+3)
• Gabbard 3 (+2)
• Harris 3 (-13)
• Klobuchar 3 (-1)

There are a couple of reasons Buttigieg, the first openly-gay presidential candidate seen as a major contender, would have seen his support increase.

He was the top fund-raiser at the end of the second quarter with $24.8 million. His campaign indicated it would not be afraid to spend those funds and they have made good on that promise.

Since then, he has opened more field offices in Iowa (22) than any other candidate. And he’s tied with Warren for the most field offices in the crucial first four states of the Democratic primary season (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada).

More organizers in a state lead to more in-person contact with voters.

Also, he was widely seen as one of the winners of last week’s CNN/New York Times Democratic debate.

The new poll shows that among those surveyed who watched the debate, Buttigieg came in first with 19 percent support ahead of Biden and Warren at 17 percent each.

Sanders was the pick of 9 percent and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) garnered 6 percent.

(source: USA Today)

5 thoughts on “Buttigieg Scored Most Support Among Democratic Debate Watchers”

  1. Whether he wins the Democratic primary or not I am so excited to live in a time when a person as intelligent, well spoken, and passionate as Pete is running for the highest elected office in our nation. Trump was conservative white voters’ racist, dumbed down, fearful response to Obama and I hope Pete Buttigieg can be our bounce back.

  2. Fantastic. Just the facts and they are important as Mayor Pete is making history. He is also a Rhodes Scholar and Veteran, further distinguishing him, as some more facts. Being gay will, unfortunately, will be the “fact” that TRUMP supporters will focus on. I know I am going to work my heart out for him in my State of NY to try to get him votes when the time approaches. Hopefully, our brothers and sisters will align with his ideas and work for his campaign to reclaim our lost RIghts due to TRUMP/PENCE. President Buttigieg would potentially advance Climate Change and sexual equality like we have never seen before. VOTE!!!!

  3. Looks like this magazine is gushing over Buttigieg. He’s the first openly gay candidate but he is literally nothing to write home about

    • Thanks for your comment. I wrote the article which just reports the facts – that an openly-gay candidate surged in polling. No gushing, no opinion. We feel an openly-gay candidate polling in the top tier of a presidential primary to be news.


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