Buzzfeed Oz Straight People Try to Guess Gay Slang

Zetta and Sohan of Buzzfeed Oz Try to Guess What “Kiki” Means (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video from Buzzfeed Oz YouTube Channel)

There is nothing more amusing sometimes than straight people trying to grasp aspects of the LGBTQ community.ย 

This is especially true when watching the straight people of Buzzfeed Oz guess what various items are. Watch as Buzzfeed Oz employees Tom, Michael, Zeta, and Sohan try to figure out what each item is.ย 


In another video, the straights from Buzzfeed Oz try to guess what certain gay slang words mean.

One of the examples from the video is the word โ€œkiki.โ€ The Buzzfeed straights automatically associate this word with the chorus from Drakeโ€™s hit, โ€œIn My Feelings.โ€ย  While there are things they get right, it is not many.ย 


Where there any slang words you didnโ€™t know? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Buzzfeed Oz YouTube Channel


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