BYLATINMEN Launch Gay Late Night Show

If you’re a fan of podcasts, you may already be familiar with BYLATINMEN, a show hosted by Angel Cartel, Kevin Ortega-Rojas, and Anthony Polanco, three gay Latinxs living in New York City. Every week they discuss everything from love, sex, and dating to politics and pop culture. The show’s mission is to amplify the stories of the LGBTQ+ community and voices of Queer People of Color (QPOC). The podcast began in 2019 and currently has over 250,000 downloads.


After being a podcast since 2019, the boys from BYLATINMEN are venturing to video format by launching the first ever original gay late night show on Youtube. The show premiered on Sunday, September 25th and will air every Sunday at 11:30PM. The premiere features guests Mizzy Deleon, Gonzalo Aburto De La Fuente, Marti Gould Cummings.



This show will be the go-to source for news impacting the LGBTQ+ and QPOC community. The show will also feature interviews with LGBTQ+ activists, performers and influencers. Every episode will also feature a musical guest of the week and is sponsored by SERV Vodka, a vodka brand owned by Ru Paul’s Drag Race stars like Trixie Mattel, Monet Xchange, Manila Luzon and more. 

We got in touch with BYLATINMEN to learn more about their new late night show and what they hope to bring to viewers week after week:


INSTINCT: How did BYLATINMEN come to be?

BYLATINMEN: The three of us were in a large group chat for a long time that Angel started. We always found ourselves arguing and debating different topics within the group chat. It was always my dream to host a radio show or podcast so in November of 2019 I asked Anthony if he would be a part of it – he said yes immediately. I nervously asked Angel later that week he also said yes. We recorded our first three episodes in December 2019 and our show premiered January 10th 2020 at #34 on the Apple Podcast Charts. – Kevin


INSTINCT: Who are some players in media that BYLATINMEN takes inspiration from?

BYLATINMEN: We love podcasts and talk shows, our podcast takes inspiration from shows like The View for its format and topics. We also take inspiration from hosts like Ross Mathews and Chelsea Handler.

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INSTINCT: What are some of your favorite topics you have discussed on your podcast?


BYLATINMEN: We have two major segments on our show: BYLATINMEN Debates where we argue our perspective on different topics and subjects and LATIN LOVERS where we bring up articles and social discussions about relationships. These are our favorite segments so they’ve been around since the beginning.



Our best topic was probably our episode titled ‘Mental Health Check-In’ from Season 2. For mental health awareness month we discussed mental health and had a very emotional conversation about how we’ve helped each other.

INSTINCT: How will your show be different from your podcast?

BYLATINMEN: Our podcast is very laid back and familial. If you listen to the podcast we consider you a brother, sister, cousin, friend. We talk about our personal lives, Reddit threads and are able to be a little more silly.


Our new show BYLATINMEN @ NITE is much more elevated and sophisticated (from the set to the wardrobe) and we’ll be focused on more current events and pop culture news as well as featuring guests every week and LGBTQ+ musical performers.


INSTINCT: Do you plan to have guests on your show? If so, any you can share?

BYLATINMEN: We have a few guests lined up like political activist and drag performer Marti Gould Cummings, adult entertainer Boomer Banks, tv personalities Jonathan Fernandez and Cyn Santana and a few more that we can’t mention.


INSTINCT: Why is a series like this necessary in today’s world?


BYLATINMEN: Representation is important and we need to see more Latinxs in the media. We also need more shows where gay men and LGBTQ+ people are able to have conversations on subjects like politics and social issues. We love talking about Kim Kardashian but we think having an opinion on the 2022 midterm elections is just as necessary.

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BYLATINMEN @ Nite is hosted in front of a live studio audience in the Times Square area in New York City. If you want a FREE ticket to our show, you can visit our instagram page for more details @BYLATINMEN


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