Caitlyn Jenner’s Hypocrisy On Blast For Her Competing In Women’s Golf

True to her Republican hypocritical form, Caitlyn Jenner has landed once again in the hot seat, her second week in a row. Last week the former Olympic champion riled up the trans community and its allies when TMZ posted a video of Jenner declaring her stance against trans female athletes competing in sports against biologically-female born athletes.

Though a peculiar position for a trans female to take, in all fairness to Caitlyn, this is a heavily debated hot-button topic and a major political argument between conservatives and liberals. Caitlyn is a self declared Republican and voted for Donald Trump in 2016, again a peculiar way position for a trans woman as Trump openly denigrated trans people while he was on the presidential campaign trail. Still, with Bruce’s white male privilege so indelibly ingrained into her psyche, Caitlyn proceeded to the ballot box and voted as if she were a right -winged conservative white man.

The plot twist that got Miss Cate dragged THIS week though, was the resurfacing of video from 2016 showing Caitlyn blissfully competing as a transgender woman against biological females in a Woman’s pro golf tournament.

That’s right, just like a Republican – she’s against something, but then she’s for it — as long as that something benefits her personally.  Well, as expected, the Twitterverse commenced to dragging …



At this rate maybe Caitlyn should bypass her embarrassing Governor’s bid and instead opt for the Senate where she can join her fellow bigoted, GOP Trump-loving hypocrites. Surely, she’d fit right in.

For more on this mess, head on over to Daily Mail

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