‘Call Me By Your Name’ BANNED In Tunisia

A screening of 'Call Me By Your Name' has been banned by the Tunisian government. The decision has not been taken well by the films distributor Lassaad Goubantini, who said the banning was “an attack on liberties” motivated by “the subject of the film”.

The film, which follows the love story between a 17-year-old and an older family friend, was deemed as unacceptable, as it is illegal to be gay in Tunisia.


Goubantini continued 

“We filed an application for authorisation with the ministry of culture,” said Goubantini.

“We even proposed a viewing in exceptional circumstances before the screening to know if it would go ahead or not, (but) we were refused a permit.”

The film has seen success worldwide, being nominated for four Academy Awards this year.

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