Calvin Klein’s Ex-Boy Toy Charged With Assault

Calvin Klein’s ex-boy toy and former porn star, Nicholas Gruber, is being charged with assault in an incident that occurred in September 2018. Gruber (28) and his alleged aide Brandon Steele (26), argued with a victim inside Steele’s apartment over $4,000. The duo would not let the victim leave and began to scuffle with him leading to the bashing of the victim with a frying pan reports New York Daily News. The victim was left was severe and disfiguring injuries. Both Gruber and Steele are being charged with second-degree assault and first-degree unlawful imprisonment. The assault occurred four months after Gruber and 76-year-old Klein had split.

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But that’s not all for Gruber. He has allegedly been living in the same apartment building in New York City without a lease, which he occupied after changing the lock. According to Gruber, he was subleasing from another tenant and declared everything in his apartment is his own property. In his apartment, authorities found $3,000 in cash as well as methamphetamines and some clothing with a receipt made out to another person. The person named on the receipt told authorities that she never received the package she ordered. He is also being charged with criminal trespass, drug possession, and possession of stolen property.


It seems Gruber is no stranger to crime. In 2012, Gruber assaulted a friend in the West Village and when authorities arrived on scene they searched and found Gruber with cocaine hidden in his underwear.

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Currently, Gruber is free on $5,000 bail and is set for arraignment on Tuesday, March 26th at the Manhattan Criminal Court.

h/t: New York Daily News

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