Can Our Cats Talk To Us?

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Social Media Swears This Cat Knows How To Talk After Viral Video Causes Mouths To Drop

While the more popular choice for a family pet is a dog, we’ve been seeing a surge in cat lovers in the modern social media age. The days of the lonely cat lady are definitely still not off the table, but we’ve slowly changed culturally and recognized having a cat doesn’t guarantee a life of sadness. We’ve seen Cat Dads get well deserved attention and celebrities like Wendy Williams show us you can be single, vivacious, and thriving while being a “crazy cat lady”. If you grew up with animals in your home like me, you’re one of the lucky ones… especially if you got to have that very special kitten who’d turn into your age old cat. But, did you ever think they’d pick up our language and be able to speak to us?!

According to BoredPanda, social media users are convinced an eight-year-old Tabby cat, Gambino Bambino, can coherently greet you. Gambino’s viral video currently has over half a million views was such a massive success that his owner created an Instagram account for him that has racked up over eleven thousand followers in just under five days. Talk about a superstar, right?! It’s clear as day – Gambino welcomes his owner with a fast talking, “Well, HI!” If you haven’t seen the it yet, no problem – because you absolutely need to click the video below and hear this adorable hello. Chances are you’re about to watch this over and over again:

Social media users across platforms are already sharing stories of their cats being able to speak to them. It’s obvious that cats meow at humans because they want something from them and there’s been a science to their adorable meows. Psychology Today claims multiple meows mean they’re excited, low pitch meows equals a grumpy cat, quick mews are for hello, and many more. Heck, even back in 2016, National Geographic spoke of a Lund University researcher who was learning of cat’s dialects. Basically, cats know that humans speak a different language and speak to us differently than they do to other animals. Which is quite bizarre if you think about their intelligence level. Your dog could never!

Unfortunately, all of the animals, including two cats, I grew up with are now waiting for me in the afterlife. There was once a comfort that they left this Earth with all of my secrets with them. Now I can’t help but wonder, we’re they really just a small step away from being able to talk to us?! The Secret Life of Pets could move from animated movie to become a reality television show or Cats Say The Darnest Things… blabbing about their owner’s personal lives! Or could you imagine them on a witness stand?! Someone in Hollywood needs to pick up on this idea – fast!

For reference, below is a picture of my personal dearly departed, family cat trying to fit into a box. Cat photographs are always welcome, right?

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H/T: BoredPanda

H/T: BoredPanda

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