Can This Openly Gay Singer Change The Game In Jamaica?

Screenshot via YouTube @Demaro

Can Demaro start a change in Jamaica with his music?

Unfortunately, LGBTQ rights in Jamaica are still fairly nonexistent. Gay sex between men is illegal under sodomy and/or buggery laws. If convicted of this, men could face up to 10 years in prison with hard labor. That said, that law is rarely enforced. The real fear for LGBTQ people living in Jamaica is anti-gay crime from their fellow citizens.

That said, there are some instances of change on the horizon. A repeal of the sodomy law is pending. LGBTQ advocates are becoming more vocal about the needs of LGBTQ people in the country. And now, there’s an openly gay singer creating visibility for LGBTQ people.

Last month, openly gay artist Demaro, who’s from Jamaica but based in New York, released a video for his song “Mi Ready.” Not only does the song have Demaro as Jamaica’s first openly gay artist, but the video also features Caribbean HIV activist and drag performer Jahlove Serrano. 

In an interview with GrungeCake, Demaro spoke more on being an openly gay Jamaican man, “I am the first openly gay Jamaican artist to my knowledge and I’m not scared to really own that and represent for my community. We need it!”

Demaro then noted how he had always wanted to make music. But it was during a recent therapist appointment that he finally decided to go for it.

“I remember sitting with my therapist and thinking to myself, “mi readi!” I wrote the song in 45 minutes and decided from that moment that I was committed to making it happen for me.”

Demaro also noted what’s coming up for him musically this year.

“I have some shows lined up and I’ll be dropping the EP in the Spring,” he shared. “I’m going to be releasing more music and videos too. 2020 is all about the music for me.”

Source: GrungeCake

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