Can Tinder Help ‘Love Island’ Find Same-Sex Couples?

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Gays on Love Island?!

It looks like the original version of the international property is looking to diversify in the next season. The UK’s Love Island is a dating reality series where a group of islanders lives in a villa in Mallorca. Upon arrival, the islanders couple up, whether for love or friendship. They then have the opportunity to switch partners later on. Anyone who is left single during the coupling is eliminated. Though there’s also an option for a public vote elimination. After sticking together, and winning some games/challenges, the last couple standing takes home £50,000… and potentially a new lover.


While the British version of Love Island has had six seasons since its 2015 revival, the show has yet to have same-sex couples. But now, according to BBC News, that may change. In order to diversify the cast for next season, ITV Studios and Motion Content Group are using the dating app Tinder.

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“Our only stipulation for applicants on Love Island is that they are over 18, single, and looking for love,” a source told the Daily Star.

Executive Producer Richard Coweles then added, in a statement to BBC, that the lack of same-sex couplings wasn’t based on discrimination but on “logistical” issues in the casting.


“You are trying to create couples,” he explained. “It is not impossible and it is not something that we shy away from… but there is a logistical element which makes it difficult.”

“Our application and casting process is inclusive to all and we are always aiming to reflect the age and diversity of our audience on the show,” a spokesman added.

So, it looks like this next season is the best chance for same-sex couples on the show. Whether they be romantic or platonic is yet to be seen, but the show’s producers are consciously trying to create an opportunity for either option.

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