Can Trixie Mattel & Katya Stand Bad Drag Makeup?


Can a bunch of makeup artists do drag makeup? And what will too iconic queens think of their work?

This is a reality presented in the YouTube video found below. In it, Trixie Mattel and Kayta return for their I Like To Watch series. In the series, the two queens watch Netflix series and comment on them as they view. From watching the witchy Sabrina series to watching The Great British Bake Off and more.

In the latest video, shared below, we see the two queens watch makeup competition show Glow Up. In it, makeup artists go through a series of challenges in different makeup styles and situations. The specific episode that Trixie and Katya watch is an episode dedicated to drag makeup. And the two have A LOT to say about it.

“So many looks we see today actually come from the world of Drag,” said a man on the show.
“You can say steal. Drag queens are like, ‘You stole that from us!” proclaimed Trixie in response.

“A person who has never done drag before having to glue somebody’s brows down makes me want to jump into traffic,” confessed Katya while watching the program. “It’s not beauty makeup. Just, like, make them into clowns. ‘Clown whore, get on stage. Go wiggle.’”

Then when contemplating her history with makeup, Trixie said, “I used to want to be a makeup artist for theatre, but do you wanna paint Elphaba green everyday? I don’t.”

Watch it all down below.

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