Can’t Wait For Heartstopper & Sex Education’s Return? Here’s The Scoop

What will happen with these two on Season 2 of Heartstopper (Netflix screen capture)

I’m a binge-watcher.  I’ll often wait until all the episodes are released, even it if takes me two or three seasons, and then just plug and play. It’s how I watched Sex Education and boy oh boy, what a great series.  If you have not watched it, I recommend starting ASAP. Of course one of the sad things about binge watching is, I feel, there is a bigger “withdrawal symptoms” effect when you binge. After Sex Education finished, I wanted to know more, but there were only 3 seasons … or so I thought. 

Sex Education is returning to Netflix for a fourth season but it’s going to be a long wait until we return to Moordale Secondary School. In fact, we’re not expecting season 4 to come until 2023 at the earliest. Here’s a rundown of everything we know so far about Sex Education season 4. – What’s On Netflix


Well, that just blew the doors off of my binge experience. But I am very happy to see it coming back for I want to know what will happen to some of my favorite characters I’ve seen on the tele in a long time.

Sex Education screen capture from Screenrant

How will we know what will happen next season? You can head over to What’s On Netflix if you want to know what might be coming up in this series when it returns … in 2023. Here are some of the questions they may answer in season 4:

  • Otis x Maeve Back on Track?
  • Independent Eric
  • Who is Joy’s real father?
  • Will Cal find themselves a relationship?
  • The Future of Moordale
  • What about Adam?
  • Will Otis revive the Sex Clinic?
  • Which cast members can we expect to see in the fourth season of Sex Education?
  • Will there be a season 5 of Sex Education?

We don’t have a tried and true road map for Sex Education like we do for Heartstopper. The newer release, Heartstopper is Netflix’s newest queer, coming-of-age show based on the fan-favorite Webtoon comic of the same name by Alice Osman. The story follows British schoolboys Charlie and Nick at Truham’s Grammar School for Boys.  Season 1 of the show supposedly combines the first two volumes of Osman’s creation. There are another two books and a final one on the way. Will season 2 bring volume three and four to life? 

Now, up to this point, I have not included spoilers and I don’t like doing that, but well, you’ve gotten this far so you are intrigued. If you want to see what is planned for Season 2, what was new to the screen and not in the comics, what characters were created for Netflix, and more, watch this video below. 


Ok, ED – I thought they were talking about Erectile Dysfunction and not Eating Disorders.   But the other information, were you surprised? What do you think will happen in Paris?  Will there actually be talk about sex or will Netflix leave that for Sex Education to handle? I mean we got through Heartstopper 1 without the mention of an erection. 

If Heartstopper may not be following the comics, what would you like to see happen between Charlie and Nick or the other relationships in the book.

If you’ve read Heartstopper, are you happy with what has been done with the series so far? 

Courtesy of Netflix

Source: What’s On Netflix

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