Car Stickers May Have Caused Anti-Gay Attack Of 75-Year Old Man.


As I rode from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale just a few days ago, I really did not want to stop.  The amount of Trump signs on the road, tractor trailers, highways, and billboards was scary.  When I saw the report below, I said, yep, sounds about right.  That's why I didn't pull over.   But then I had to look up where Sarasota, Florida was.  It wasn't in the north, but more liberal south. This was now an even more upsetting incident. 




I'm not sure any place is safe from stupidity and bigotry. 

But this incident does raise a couple of questions. 

– Do you remove your pride stickers to prevent gay road rage?

– Are you leaning toward buying protection or arming yourself?


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