Cardi B To Trademark ‘Okurrr!’

Just days after the announcement that Cardi B is heading back to the strip club to star in a film with Jennifer Lopez called Hustlers, the exotic dancer turned rapper has apparently filed to trademark her iconic catchphrase “Okurrr”. The Blast reports that Cardi plans to use the new trademark to push her new line of products which will include paper goods and clothing. Maybe you’ll be able to have “Okurrr!” on your booty now.

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The Blast

Cardi B, who rose to fame after her single “Bodak Yellow” was released, is known for her large enthusiasm and personality and a special way with words. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Cardi explains that the “Okurrr” chirping sound she makes is “like a cold pigeon in New York City”:

It just depends on the situation that you’re in. You know what I’m saying? Like if somebody checks somebody. It’s like ‘Okurrr!’


The trademarking of the phrase “Okurrr” will officially have 3 R’s…which means you can all trademark it spelled in any other way!

Cardi has been in the spotlight for a just a couple of years, but the phrase “Okurrr” or versions of it, has appeared on screen and in other ways before.

If you’re a RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, you might remember that the hyper sensory queen from Season 5, Laganja Estranja was also known for uttering a version of “Okurrr” or “Okaaaaay” frequently. Here is a lesson from Laganja, Gia Gunn, and Alyssa Edwards schooling the children on famous drag vernacular, including “Okurrr!”


The news of Cardi B’s trademark filing did reach Laganja:

And then there was this when Laganja tweeted Cardi:


Someone who may also be at odds with the trademark is actress Laura Bell Bundy who is the person behind the classic YouTube character Shocantelle Brown


Laura Bell Bundy recently spoke with RuPaul on his podcast What’s The Tee? Where she described how she and her Legally Blonde castmates were throwing out the “Okurrr” phrase long before Shocantelle even came to fruition.

So if we are keeping receipts, its difficult to pinpoint who ‘came up’ with the phrase. Could others challenge her to claim the catchphrase?

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