Carlos Cuevas Plays a Less Serious Role in ‘Smiley’

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I’d watch any show Carlos Cuevas is a part of because… reasons. Honestly, if you watch the first episode of his new drama, Smiley, you’ll know exactly what the biggest reason is. 

Smiley, the television adaption of Guillem Clua‘s beloved play, debuted on Netflix on December 7, 2022. The 8-episode romantic comedy and drama is directed by David Martin Porras and Marta Pahissa, and follows two polar opposites who find their love lives turned upside down after an accidental voicemail. 

Alex (played by Carlos Cuevas) is a simple gym rat and bartender who is desperately looking for love. He finally thinks he’s found it but instead is ghosted by his ex-lover after thinking something meaningful was created. In the heat of the moment, he leaves a passionate but hate-fueled voicemail on his ex’s answering machine. The issue? He accidently dialed the wrong number. Bruno (played by Miki Esparbe), an educated architect who is hiding from love, is on the receiving end of the message. Despite both their reservations, the two men decide to meet up at Alex’s job – a decision that is about to make their love lives very difficult. 

Smiley also stars Eduardo Lloveras, Giannina Fruttero and Meritxell Calvo. 

If there’s one thing the country of Spain and its creators know how to do, it’s developing a queer storyline that’s sexy, suspenseful and depicts gay characters in a super-realistic way. Elite, Rebelde, Merli: Sapere Aude – which Mr. Cuevas also starred in – are some of the best LGBT fronted narratives I’ve seen on television. 

It’s Merli: Sapere Aude specifically that birthed my crush on Carlos Cuevas. In Merli, he’s more serious and philosophical, and the beach scene in season two was perfection for so many different reasons. In Smiley, he’s more natural and relatable but still refuses to wear very many clothes. Both shows are told with voice overs, so I don’t even know what Carlos sounds like in real life, but there’s something about his distinguishable look that just does it for me. His charisma is able to bleed through language barriers in an enchanting way. 

Now, Carlos has never confirmed or denied his sexuality, but his biggest roles have been gay characters who get down and dirty in every episode.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at his “body of work,” shall we? 

3 thoughts on “Carlos Cuevas Plays a Less Serious Role in ‘Smiley’”

  1. Very strongly agree about “Smiley” and Carlos Cuevas in particular. He has become a huge favorite of mine for the same “reasons” cited in this article, although I also think he’s an exceptional young actor with a wide range.

  2. I thought I might be one of the few gay guys who’d recently heard of this show. So glad Instinct heard of it also and brought more attention to this cute gay show, with a super cute lead.


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