Casey Frey Came Out As Bi

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Casey Frey came out?

If you were around during the rise and fall of Vine, you might know the name and face of Casey Frey. Though, Frey’s star didn’t burn out like the quick clip video platform did back in 2017. His followers migrated with him to Twitter and Instagram. There, Frey has 1.2 million followers and 2.3 million followers, respectively. Frey also appeared in music videos for Dvbbs’ “GOMF” and Tiësto’s “The Business.”


But now, the comedian and dancer is making the news for coming out as bisexual. Frey did so while appearing on the podcast This Past Weekend with YouTuber and comedian Theo Von. The podcast, which was released in video form on YouTube earlier this month, shows Frey talking about being in a relationship with a guy, his type in men, and his continued interest and attraction to women.

“I am in a relationship with a dude right now,” Frey said after being asked if he was dating anyone. “I met him online.”

Frey then goes on to describe his type in men.


“I’m into the teddy boys, you know. I like girls too though,” he explained.

Von then comments that he has never dated a man and Frey replied, “I didn’t either until recently. It turned out he was cool. We kind of just vibed out.”

But if the video came out earlier this month, why are we talking about it now? Because people are only now catching onto the topic. A clip of Frey talking about his relationship has started to circulate on TikTok and Twitter.


“CASEY FREY HAS A BOYFRIEND!! BOY!!!FRIEND!!!nature is healing,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the moment.

“So Casey Frey has a boyfriend and it’s NOT me?” wrote another.



Some social media sleuths were even able to possibly identify Casey Frey’s boyfriend. A picture of Frey hugging another man is spreading online. Though, Frey has not confirmed the identity of his boyfriend. And the account some fans have pointed toward has gone private. So, as an act of respecting their privacy, we won’t snoop around further than that.

But congratulations to the happy couple on finding each other! We wish you the best!

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