Casey Hammer Breaks Silence Amidst Armie Hammer Abuse Allegations

‘Call Me By Your Name’ actor Armie Hammer has been facing abuse allegations, and his aunt Casey Hammer finally broke her silence amidst all of the issues.

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In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Casey admitted that she “wasn’t shocked when the allegations came forward.” She also revealed that she also “suffered from abuse” within her family.


“Based on my experiences in my family, I suffered from abuse. It was just a way of life. You don’t wake up one day and become a monster — it’s learned behavior,” Casey stated.

She continued by sharing how she reacted when the allegations began surfacing saying,

“Once [the allegations] started unfolding, I was like, here we go, another Hammer man and something that’s being said about them.”

Moreover, ‘House of Hammer’ premieres on Discovery+ on September 2, and according to a press release, the documentary is about:


“chronicles the deeply troubling accusations leveled against critically acclaimed actor Armie Hammer and the dark, twisted legacy of the Hammer dynasty.”

In her interview with The Daily Beast, Casey also expressed where the focus of the documentary series should shed light on stating,

“The focus seemed to be about Armie being ‘a cannibal’ or what was going to happen to his career or ‘cancel culture,’ but it’s like, wait a minute — let’s shift the light onto the victims. … What about the people that are scarred for life because of all that happened?”


She also reiterated that his alleged abusive behavior “goes way back” to generations in their family.

“As shocking as what he’s doing right now, there’s a generational pattern that’s been in play for a very long time and that no one took notice of. It just didn’t start there — it goes way back,” Casey stated.

In her 2015 self-published book entitled Surviving My Birthright, Casey claimed that her father Julian sexually abused her when she was a child. She is estranged to most of her family, and is working as a kitchen designer at a San Diego Home Depot.


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