Cast of ‘The Lost Boys’ Reminisce On One Of Our Favorite Horror Films

35 years ago, the horror film ‘The Lost Boys’ was released in theaters, and the 1987 movie, directed by the late filmmaker Joel Schumacher, is newly available in a 4K UHD release from Warner Bros.

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In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the stars of ‘The Lost Boys’ went down memory lane and shared some of their painful moments while filming, as well as their thoughts on the movie’s homoeroticism.


When asked if the cast and crew were aware that the film openly teased with LGBTQ+ themes, Alex Winter responded,

“We were all on the same page. Everyone was very aware of what Joel [Schumacher] was doing and very supportive of it.”

“Now we have RuPaul, and we have all these things where gender fluidity is more open. But there was gender fluidity in the ’80s … I had friends who were trans. Joel’s attitude was: ‘Let’s swing for the fences on with this movie,'” the 57-year-old British-American actor continued.

Moreover, head Lost Boy Kiefer Sutherland shared his experience with a harness for the horror movie’s climax. 


“It was the most intense kind of stunt work that Jason [Patric] and I had done. We were in these harnesses, and if it looked like we collided at 40 miles an hour. It’s because we actually collided at 40 miles an hour! I was hung by four strings and he was hung by three, and as we would collide they would get tangled. And those strings were sharp! They were so thin… you could cut your hand off,” the actor stated.

Sutherland also added that his vampire character David’s appearance required him to wear oversized contact lenses, which “were actually very dangerous.”

Meanwhile, Winter reacted to his co-star’s contact lens statement saying,

“I love Kiefer to death, but he has no business talking about the contact lenses.”


The actor then explained how his character’s death scene was filmed sharing,

“I’m hanging upside down, and then Corey [Feldman] stabbed me with that really bad collapsible spike, which you can see as clear as daylight in the movie.”

“I hit the ground, and then [Corey] Haim, Feldman and Jamison [Newlander] all start screaming and kicking dirt at a hundred miles an hour into my face with those giant-ass 1980s contact lenses there were basically like a ping-pong ball cut in half! They scratched my cornea and almost blinded me. It was EMT, ambulance, hospital — the whole nine yards. And here’s Kiefer whining about contact lenses. Give me a break!,” Winter expressed.

‘The Lost Boys’ stars told their behind-the-scenes stories about filming the horror movie so vividly, it’s as if they experienced them yesterday and not 35 years ago…


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