Catching Up With Muscle Bear and Reality TV Star Craig Ramsay

Craig Ramsay:  Yaassss, He’s Fit!


Craig Ramsay is no stranger to being stared at.  From his muscle bear meets daddy status to his time on Broadway (Fiddler On the Roof, CATS), to his time on reality TV (Bravo TV’s The Newlyweds, Shahs of Sunset), he loves to stretch and flex for his very appreciative audience.

He is the host of Hey Qween network’s He’s Fit – having just premiered Season 2.  Not just a show with sexy talk and even sexier bodies, he’s embracing our current trends in body positivity and inclusivity.  This Season we see representatives from the trans community and the bear community with some celebrity surprises. 

We sat down with Craig during one of his sweaty gym routines and got the scoop on working out, working it out, and just plain WERKing. 

How is this season of He’s Fit different from the first?


The First season we were just getting our feet wet… now we are incredibly moist all over.


You had the opportunity to welcome transgender bodybuilder Paulo Bautista, black belt holder and Mr. Leatherman title holder, this season.  How did working with Paulo change your view on the human body and human strength?

I wrote two anatomy books, I thought I understood the mechanics and potential of the human body but Paulo proves mind over muscle because how he has developed his physique way past what I thought would be possible.  His journey in and out of the gym is inspiring & motivating for ALL. 



The show is popular in the US as well as in Canada, your homeland!  What do you miss most about living in Canada?  What do you love most about living in the US?

Honestly, I miss Canada’s respect of multiculturalism, their gun laws and the countries support for equality.  Trump has certainly created an allowance of hate and fear in America.  That said I am grateful for my American life that the Universe has provided me, I have wonderful friends in America and my intent is to stay and fight for progression of equality.  America has such incredible potential for happiness and I have been privileged to experience that.  Currently it feels like a “Lord of the Flies” nightmare.



Body positivity plays a big part in your fitness message – be yourself, but be healthy.  For myself, what tips can you give to balance a healthy life while still enjoying life as a curvy girl (I just can’t say no to a carb or a cocktail)? 

A lot of people eat out more often than ever before, I find if I just promise myself I will only eat a salad or an appetizer and a glass of wine when I eat out it leads to success.

Make eating at home exciting and an “event”. I feel like we have lost the respect for what meal time is.  The joy of preparing flavorful food, and entertainment of lighting a candle, putting on music and enjoying a healthy meal, even if you don’t have someone to share that meal with you are worthy of taking the time to both prepare and sit down eat a meal that is prepared with care, love and intent. That in itself helps us avoid those high calorie packaged processed foods. 


Do you think body positivity has gotten better in the entertainment community?  In the LGBT community?

What I do think is the conversations we are having both in the entertainment industry & LGBT community about body positivity and the issues and obstacles we face in our health journey.  Even with this season of “He’s Fit” I don’t think there was 1 guest that didn’t express self body image issues.  We ALL experience this regardless of where we are on our fitness and health journey.  


I feel with our political climate more people are stressed out and definitely consuming more comfort foods, booze and unfortunately recreational drugs which is leading to more and more personal body image issues because we are struggling to live healthier these days but I do notice we are supporting each other more.  I find we are also talking about mental health more which is important.


Your devastatingly hot husband (celebrity stylist Brandon Liberati) has to watch you work out with muscled, half naked men in interesting positions.  How do you guys handle the idea of jealousy?

Hey Qween & I included Brandon in a segment called “Sexercise” where I perform an exercise that is highly intimate with the guest because we felt the need to address that I am married and hosting this highly skin revealing/overly sexualized series.  It’s brilliant that Brandon is summoned to the set to monitor the sexercise yet is so highly disinterested really pokes fun of all marriages with bed death.


What is your personal weekly workout routine?

It varies both depending on my travels and my physique goals for specific gigs. What is consistent is I need at least 20 mins of a jog first thing in the morning which helps activate my brain and connect it to my body.  It warms me up for the day and helps me chemically be drawn towards healthier eating.  I aim for at least 3-5 gym workouts each week.



You had to reshape your body when you returned to your roots with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, slimming down quite a lot from your beefy, muscle norm.  What was your process? 

30lbs in 1 month! Mind you, I lost both muscle mass and fat and muscle weights a lot and is easy to take off when I cut my calories back.  I restricted my calories to about 800-1000 a day which is far less than what I’m used to. I used all my low cal receipts which helped me not feel deprived because I needed to still have actual meals that filled my stomach.  I replaced deserts with delicious pea protein shakes with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ice which helped curve the sugar cravings.



Reality TV has been a big part of your life, sharing your wedding on Bravo TV’s Newlyweds, and popping up on Shahs of Sunset and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  What kind of reality show would you be most interested in doing next?

I actually have never professionally sought out reality t.v.  The opportunities presented themselves to me and because they have all been opportunities to simply be myself and showcase my relationships I figured that hopefully just living my life openly as a gay man would help with visibility.  If I were to do another reality show I would prefer it to be focused on Brandon & I having children and what that journey would look like because it’s terribly expensive and I’m told we will encounter numerous obstacles (prejudices) along the way. 



What do you see people doing incorrectly the most at the gym?

Going to Equinox and Soul Cycle is the first incorrect action I see when it comes to gyms.

Your gay bucks can be spent and used for a greater good.  If all the fitness employees of these huge corporations came together as a collective them and their message would have more power and huge influence over Stephen Ross.  Equinox’s PR response was disgusting trying to separate themselves politically from what has transpired. 

But once you pick the right gym, I highly recommend requesting 1 training session with a trainer there (often times this is complimentary with your membership) where you upfront tell the trainer I don’t want to be sold training packages, I would love for this session to be focused on you showing me the gym equipment and which equipment I should gravitate towards using.  Get out your phone and video tape the trainer demonstrating the equipment for future reference. 



Is it ok to not go to the gym when you just aren’t feeling it?  (Asking for a friend.)

Don’t go if you are sick. There is nothing worse than working out next to someone with SARS! (FYI I call any common cold SARS). But if you don’t have energy and aren’t feeling it STILL GO but have a backup plan workout that won’t stress you out and that is manageable even if you feel like an extra zombie on the “Walking Dead”.  Even a slight incline walk on a treadmill for 20 mins will do a body and mind good.  GO! This will chemically help stimulate more exercise motivation. 



How do you politely tell a significant other that it’s time to go back to the gym, or change up their diet?

Simple – you don’t! I learned this decades ago you cannot become your significant others trainer or nutritionalist.  You are stepping into a parent role which is not sexy for either partner. Instead lead by example. Change your lifestyle and eventually your partner will follow suite.  If they don’t and you are concerned I would actually address this in therapy where the focus is more on concern for someones health than physique.



You make a number of appearances at Prides, including serving as Grand Marshall (with Brandon) for Palm Springs Pride, and taking the stage at DTLA Proud Out – what does Pride mean to you?

Pride for me is a time where we recognize our LGBTQ history and also address how far we still have to go and work towards equality.  It’s a time to energetically come together and value the diversity of our LGBTQ community. 


Rapid Fire:

1)      Least favorite exercise that you still do – walking lunges

2)      First body part you look at on a man – Does his knees hyperextend and do his feet point. I’m such a ballet bun head for life.

3)      Celebrity crush (the one you get a hall pass for) Colin Farrell, he’s publicly called me a “Naughty Girl” & I’d love to show him how naughty I can truly be.


4)      Favorite curse word: Shit!

5)      What would your drag name be? Mary Poppers

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