Catholics Hunting Down Thier Priests On Same Sex Dating Apps

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Just when you think organized religion can’t go any lower, news comes out of Colorado that Catholic priests are being hunted down on gay hookup apps. How many more signs do people need that the Catholic Church is not a place for homosexuals?

According to the Guardian,


“A conservative Catholic group based in Colorado spent millions to obtain data that identified priests using gay hookup and dating apps, later sharing the data with bishops nationwide. The project was carried out by conservative non-profit Catholic Laity and Clergy for Renewal.”

Four million dollars was spent on this initiative. Four million dollars of parishioner money. (Lord I have never felt so great being an ex-Catholic as I am today) $4 million dollars. I don’t know, couldn’t that money have been spent feeding the poor? Clothing the homeless? Scholarships for students at Jesuit colleges? $4 million dollars. Are you f***ing kidding me?

Justin Sherman, a senior fellow at Duke University’s public policy school and expert on data privacy issues, spoke to The Washington Post about the targeted vulnerable clergy, “The power of this story is that you don’t often see where these practices are linked to a specific person or group of people. Here, you can clearly see the link. You can count them on one or two hands.”






It is unclear at the moment what this information will be used for. Another great day for the Catholic Church. Cant’ keep people in the pews but year let’s spend millions on hunting, tracking, and stalking our own Priests. Disgusting.

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Sources: The Guardian, The Washington Post

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  1. Wow that seems crazy that the gay priests are getting hunted down off of gay apps. So I guess they must be catfishing the gay priests to catch them. Gee scary.


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