Cazwell Celebrates Ten Years of “Ice Cream Truck” With A Brand New Video For 2020

Ten years later, the familiar xylophone percussion & infectious childhood jingle still make Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck” one of the most prominent tracks to come from this legendary queer rapper in the past decade. The original video, both metaphor heavy and eye candy prevelant, still gets plenty of attention whenever it’s shown at bars and nightclubs around the country. Not only does it showcase Cazwell’s proven ability to lay down some serious bars, but it shows that Caz knows exactly how to get the most eyes on the art that he releases. 


The 10th anniversary of the release of “Ice Cream Truck” has arrived, and Caz is marking the occasion in the most quintessentially Cazwell way. He’s re-releasing “Ice Cream Truck” with a 2020 glow up, complete with brand new video. The track gets a fresh new sound produced by Cazwell and Vjuan Allure. The Candy Land of the future themed video was created by Director Connor Catalano, whom Cazwell brought on board for his ability to craft some truly cyber sexy cinematography.

Now this would not be a Cazwell musical event if the video did not have some seriously sweet eye candy. This production has a handful of hotties from the original 2010 “Ice Cream Truck” video like Geronimo Frias and Alex Maravilla, as well as plenty of new studs and an overabundance of butt cheeks included.


A consistent and long-time advocate for the trans community, Cazwell was determined to have his video open with rarely seen and much needed trans male representation. Artist and trans activist Ezra Michel kicks off “Ice Cream Truck”, complete with a glistening smile, by playing the opening drum line beat.

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