Celebrating Beef & Bears & The Ho-Ho-Holidays

Sharing some visual cheer this Christmas season beginning with sexy Santa, Austin Wolf, who says he has "loads" of good stuff coming your way.
Austin Wolf (via Instagram)

Sharing some visual cheer from the Land of Insta beginning with Austin Wolf, who wants to know what you want from Santa…because he has “loads” (of stuff) coming your way:

Rico was feeling good Christmas vibes:

The stars of the acclaimed web series The Disappointments send their greetings complete with sexy Santa, Rich Burns:

Brett Morse thinks he over did it with the mince pies, but we think he looks just fine:

Tommy Didario and Gio Benitez sent ‘goofy’ holiday greetings:

Levy Van Wilgen was feeling nighttime holiday vibes:

Sam Cushing served up some Charlie Brown Christmas at the piano:

Elliott Norris subscribes to the “workout so you can eat more” theory (works for us!):

‘Thor’ Bradley wants you to ease up on yourselves – #amen:

Joel Green was feeling the rhythm:

Shade Andrew was sweating it out at the gym:

Morgan Lugo and Matthias Geerts shared some of their holiday in Amsterdam:

Ivan posed with an empty box because his heart is full – no presents needed:

Graphic artist Silverjow gifted us with his vision of Santa Claus:

Daniel Rankin was cooking stuff up in the kitchen with Queen (we love how he just throws things off camera):

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