Celebrity Chef Ronnie Woo Shares His Deliciously Balanced Lifestyle

Celebrity chef Ronnie Woo recently revealed the secret to his balanced lifestyle, wherein he eats what he craves, but still maintains a fit physique for both his physical and mental health.

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Food is a big part of our everyday lives, and like most people, it is a source of joy for the 38-year-old TV personality.


“Partaking in food and enjoying a meal with your friends and stuff is such a fun, enriching experience,” he told Men’s Health.

He further explained,

“That’s the thing. Like, you wanna live an enriched life versus constantly making these rules and enforcing parameters on yourself. That’s a tough way to live.”

“Sometimes you just have to eat the bread. For your mental health,” he added.

(c) Instagram: @ronniecwoo

When asked about how difficult it is for him to maintain in shape while eating deliciously, Woo looked back on his modeling days, recalling:

“I think for the majority of human beings, eating for just fuel is not enjoyable. I did that during the modeling days where I had to stay a very specific size all the time, every single day. Because when you’re a model, you can’t fluctuate. I remember one time, I was dropped from a campaign because the client said I looked “full” in my clothes. I was the skinniest I had ever been. That was sort of near the end of my modeling career, and I started to take it less seriously after that.”

At present, food is no longer just a means of fuel for his body, but an enjoyable experience. And as a chef, he’s now all about “feeling good in my own skin.”


“I like to stay in shape physically, but mentally too. And I think in order to get to that balance, you have to give into your cravings once in a while. I tend to do five days of pretty healthy eating, and then one or two days a week of letting myself eat whatever I want,” he shared, revealing the secret to his balanced lifestyle.

Woo added,

“If I want a donut, I’ll have a donut! I just won’t have, like, a hundred donuts.”

He also noted that he doesn’t count his calorie intake during those 5 days in a week of eating healthy because it’s “just too much work for me.” 


“If that’s what you’re dedicating your life to, then that makes sense, but for me it’s just about feeling good, and living a healthy life in all the ways that matter: mentally and emotionally as well as physically,” the celebrity chef and author explained.

He further expressed,

“Eating something tasty is my favorite way to celebrate something, or reward myself. And when I’ve worked out really hard, there’s nothing like that hunger you feel where you know you’re gonna eat something delicious.”

(c) Instagram: @ronniecwoo

Moreover, Woo is openly gay, and he has been married to his husband since 2008. The hot chef also has a new cookbook, Did You Eat Yet?: Craveable Recipes From an All-American Chef.

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  1. He’s so hot. Two of my best friends were the gay couple featured on his show on Logo. Was so happy to see a gay chef have a tv show.


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