Challenge Accepted-Cher & Saweetie Hit The Stage For A MAC Campaign

From Christina Aguilera to Pink to Lady Gaga, Cher is known to collaborate with talented and dynamic performers from every generation. Saweetie has released her two full length EP’s, the instantly infectious summer single “Best Friend” (with Doja Cat) and now the “Icy Girl” (also the name of her debut single) and is now starring alongside Cher herself in the newest MAC Cosmetics ad, titled Challenge Accepted. Kicking off January 4th, MAC encouraged fans to test their products up against challenging environments and inclement weather, all of which and more MAC says are protected by their “high performance, high quality products”.

For Cher, being part of a campaign that involves going up against challenging conditions is a natural fit. “I was always Cher, but I didn’t have the luxury of makeup, hair and costumes at four,” she said in a statement. “I was always stubborn. Later, that stubbornness turned into my mantra… I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE WORD ‘NO’…no matter what happened, I never gave up. I couldn’t let it matter what people thought. I took risks because…what else do you do? I was like a bumper car: when I hit a wall I just backed up and turned around. I’ve been saying Challenge Accepted for a Millennium.” As for Saweetie, she is beyond thrilled to be partnering up on the campaign with the entertainment legend. “I was so honored to partner with a legend like Cher and a brand I’ve always loved like MAC, it was the perfect fit,” she said in a statement. “Cher’s regal energy is so contagious so being alongside her in Challenge Accepted has been an unforgettable experience.”


Cher’s new MAC campaign with Saweetie isn’t the only big news that Cher has broken this week. She took to Twitter earlier this week and dished on what she has been working on recently that fans can look forward to. Starting by saying “NO BS, MISS WORK, BUT IVE BEEN STUCK”, Cher went on to mention that she has been “WORKING ON BOOK, BIO PIC, 2 REMAKE 2 GREAT OLD FILMS”. As for fans who are yearning for even more music from Cher, fear not; it is also on the way. Cher tweeted “PINK IS WRITING ME SONG,DIANE WARREN YHSTLOM.& GREATEST SPANISH SONG BY,IN MY OPINION ONE OF THE GREATEST SINGERS EVER”


While’s Cher’s iconic disco hit “Take Me Home” is heavily featured in the Challenge Accepted ad,  the true highlight of the Challenge Accepted video comes in the final few seconds. Cher is dressed in the same iconic outfit that she wore on the 1975 cover of “Time.” “I love lasting forever,” the icon simply says. And we couldn’t agree more. 

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