Chameleon, Aurora Sexton, Calls Attention To Drag Race Diva’s Antics

Which RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Queen Is The Biggest Diva?

First, let me school you on who Aurora Sexton is.

She extends art form into impersonation…


Making friends everywhere #tuckfrump

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She's Miss Gay USofA 2016


She's a Trans Activist…



And the star of Moovz Web Series, US of Aurora




Aside from what I've listed above, Sexton continues to be a trailblazer in the LGBTQ Community. She connects with her audience by reciprocating the kindness and love she has been given. She has a voice in the community and promotes individuality and strength.

However, her latest encounter with an unnamed RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Queen has left her with a sour taste.

Taken from a post Sexton made on Facebook, she writes:

Chad Michaels and Manila Luzon seemingly agree with her!

We're all trying to guess who the Queen could be. Certainly not media darlings Jaymes  Mansfield or Eureka O'Hara.

Sexton's Facebook post from the previous day gives us a clue…get ready, squirrel friends!







Potentially, this could all be a miscommunication. As my colleague posted earlier in the week, Elaine Manchester was being black balled for being a Trump Supporter. Some commentary stated Manchester is racist, leading to her dismissal from the drag scene.

It isn't surprising that a Drag Queen would have diva antics, but where is the line drawn? If so many people are claiming these rumors to be true, do we believe them? "If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it swims like a duck…".

What are your thoughts?!

Check out Sexton's full post below!


8 thoughts on “Chameleon, Aurora Sexton, Calls Attention To Drag Race Diva’s Antics”

  1. It’s Elaine Lancaster, not

    It's Elaine Lancaster, not Manchester. I mean, she still sucks either way. Also, buy me red roses.

  2. I think it is damn sad that a

    I think it is damn sad that a queen would be black balled for their stance in politics.    I know plenty of Trump Supporters in the gay community.  Most of them remain silent just because of this situation.  People need to pull their heads out of their asses.  If it was private thats even worse.  Even if she was one should not be black balled in the gay community because of her political beliefs!!!!  We all have the right to freedom of speech,  just because someone believes different than you does not make you right and the other person wrong and vice versa.  Society has been manipulated into thinking that if you do not swing with all of the "liberal beliefs" that you are wrong and have no right to voice your opinion.  This is the downfall and the destruction of what America was built on.   Just because someone hurts your feelings,   call you a name, and you get butt hurt does not call for this bullshit.   Lighten the hell up  and stop being so damned frail.  Not everything in life is going to go your way.  Not everything in life is going to be fair.  Not everything in life is going to be handed to you on a silver platter.  Stop believing every damned "fake" news story you see on  tv.  Most if not all are manipulated, or just a plain like, or twisted to fit their agenda.  Yes  Trump is not perfect and neither was any other president!!!!   Obama (Muslim) who wanted to bring in all of these refugees who DO want to kill us and Christians and anyone who does not covert to Islam.   If you do not believe this then you are living in a fantasy world.   Read up on Islam.   Women,  trans, and sorts of folks are siding with this bullshit.  Not only do they devaulue women and take womens freedoms back to the stone ages do NOT FORGET they can do want they want to children.    People do NOT CARE about Sharia Law   READ UP ON IT!!!!!  It  has NO PLACE ON American soil!!!!!  If you come here LEGALLY  you assimilate.  You follow  the laws of America…. You learn to speak English….you lean to get along with Americans……  You do NOT demand to get rid of Americas customs, religions, flags, and beliefs.      All countries have laws regarding immigration.   ALL COUNTRIES.   Past presidents allowed ILLEGALS to come here and Americans foot the fills for health services…schooling… …..  JUST TO GET VOTES!!!!!  You can NOT go to Mexico and get FREE housing….welfare…   health services…. You can NOT demand that they have to learn "your" language…. you can NOT tell them their religions,  flags offend you and must change.  YOU CAN NOT VOTE!!!  The list goes on……. YOU are deported as an illegal in other countries…..   They do not have sanctuary cities that harbor and hide criminals.   You come here as an illegal you know that your are coming in as such and have to realize the risks.   Do not let the liberals tell you that illegals to not cost jobs and lots of tax dollars because they dooooo.   Trump is cracking down on companies moving factories out of American which takes jobs away from people.  Obama was for a one world government   aka NEW WORLD ORDER    look it up I implore all of you to do some research.     Trump did not conspire with Russia.  But what I find HIGHLY AMUSING is that how man liberals are going ape shit over the possibility.  Lets say he did talk with Russia about election things…. you think that it is not right but yet  you have no problem that George Soros (who wants a one world government) paid for most of Hillary's campaign.   He also funds most of the damn riots that go on here in American  but you have no problem with that?????    You also have no problem with the fact that your beloved Hillary had MANY dealings with Putin… She also gave Russia  ALL of our Uranium.    But she is an angel.    Working TAX PAYING CITIZENS   are paying for the FREE health care that all of you lazy people who want to live off of the government.  Our rates went through the roof while the welfare recipients sit on their asses having babies to get OBAMACARE   Which was bad for Americans (well those of us work).  Obama worked with the insurance companies who are the only ones who benefit!!!!  DO NOT BELIEVE all the lies fake news puts out their about Trump.    No he is not perfect but he is trying to get America back to what it once stood for.  I week and pray daily for America while most of you take it for granted.   Trump is trying to protect our country from ISLAM and protecting our constitution before America falls into a dark and very evil place.   The only reason the Democrats wants to take away gun rights is to render Americans vulnerable……  You take away guns they can not defend themselves….not against each other but when we fight a corrupt government.  Remember history and take NOTES!!!  Hilter started with crazy ass propaganda….. FREE COLLEGE…..FREE HEALTHCARE…. take away their guns……imprison all undesirables…. better yet KILL THEM……   George Soros sold his own people out during the Holocaust.    Also funny that teachings about the Holocaust are not even being put into text books now.   Why because to many Americans will notice what id going on right in front of our eyes.  Yes  I am a Gay American who loves America.  I am not Democrat and I am not Republican but I am for the candidate that is for America…..not for one who wants to bring in Refugees… let Illegals roam free…. who actually has some values…. one who wants to uphold our Constitution… one who does not want to give to one side while taking from another side…one who does not stir up racial crap…..Trump IS NOT RACIST….HE IS NOT AGAINST THE LGBT community….  again do  your research!!!!  Im sure that this post will probably be taken down because it goes against the LIBERAL POINT OF VIEW and does not support  their AGENDA.


    • 1) Freedom of speech means

      1) Freedom of speech means freedom from repression or persecution of speech by the government, not consequences from your speech. It is within the free speech rights of others to choose not to support those who they vehemently disagree with. This is the first amendment doing its job.

      2) The supposed "fake news" has a much higher verifiable accuracy rating than Trump and his administration, as well as a reputation for issuing corrections when they get something wrong which I have yet to see this administration do.

      3) Obama is not a Muslim.

      4) Refugees are fleeing a warzone, not here to kill us. Immigrants and refugees commit crime at far lower rates than citizens, likely because the repercussions of any lawbreaking are much more severe for them.

      5) America has no official language, English is the most common but neither the first nor only spoken.

      6) Government-funded economic studies have shown that undocumented immigrants (aliens are what you see in Star Wars) are a net contribution to the economy, in no small part because they often pay tax deductions without the ability to draw any benefits from them in the future.

      7) So far, every single decision the Trump administration has made has favored big business – reducing regulation, putting those who lobbied for industries in charge of the departments overseeing them, and the entire healthcare bill is a massive tax cut benefitting the most rich.

      8) Obama has never advocated for one world government, that's crazytown bananas. Did you learn that from the chemtrails?

      9) It remains to be seen if Trump was an active participant or somehow unaware, but there is undeniable evidence of collaboration with Russia by the Trump campaign. Not to mention a history by Russia of tampering in foreign elections in a very similar way (like a massive email dump from the liberal French candidate days before their election), and a history of Trump subverting the rules (housing discrimination, violating loan regulations by selling his father $3.5MM in chips that he would never cash, paying settlements for tenant discrimination in the 80s, paying settlements for hiring undocumented Polish workers at Trump Tower, casino antitrust violations, an awful lot of business overlapping Russian oligarchs and criminal interests for it to ALL be coincidence…)

      10) There are strict laws regulating campaign finance. There are literally receipts from Clintons campaign available in the public domain for you to review. Show me where Soros bankrolled the campaign:

      11) There is no evidence that Soros is paying protestors, and the vast majority of protests result in zero violence — riots is a misnomer. You can point to a handful of violent protests, and I could do the same for conservatives.

      12) First, this false story claimed that Clinton sold 20% of US uranium reserves, not "ALL" of it. Second, Clinton could not have stopped the deal as one of nine committee members, and a veto would requite presidential approval. Finally, despite the transfer of ownership, the uranium STAYED IN THE US. It was sold to a Canada-based company that had a 51% stake purchased by Russia's nuclear agency.

      13) Healthcare is a universal right. It's in our declaration of independence, right up front: "LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We have one of the most expensive health care systems in the world, with one of the worst mortality rates for developed nations similar to our own. Also, everyone needs healthcare, so you will benefit from the healthcare system.

      14) Insurance rates were rising before Obamacare, too. The rate of increase has slowest under the ACA, except in those states where governors have resisted a fair market exchange and reduced competition.

      15) Obama's initial healthcare plan was much less favorable to insurance, and the final copy of the ACA was almost identical to the "Romneycare" model the GOP had been championing for a decade prior.

      16) You are more likely to be killed by lightning in a flying plane than you are being killed by a Muslim. If you're killed by any terrorist in America, the odds are it will be a white nationalist/seperatist. Just ask the FBI.

      17) No legislation was proposed or passed under Obama that "took away people's guns"… in fact, the fear that Obama would take away guns meant that gun purchases soared during his administration. What HAS been called for is basic security precautions (background checks, waiting periods) that are favored by a majority of Americans.

      18) I can't believe I have to tell you this, but… George Soros wasn't alive during the Holocaust.

      19) Trump is undeniably racist, and if he's not against the LGBT community he's sure picking a lot of administration officials with a documented history of it.

      20) I don't think your post needs to come down, I think it should stay as an important reminder of the need for a varied media diet — otherwise, you receive an inaccurate and slanted view of the world that can make you sound foolish.

      • Actual facts. It’s nice that

        Actual facts. It's nice that some people still remember what a fact is, and care about verifying the accuracy of said facts before blindly spreading them everywhere.

        Thank you. that is all

      • Reading this calmed me.

        Reading this calmed me. Nothing is more reassuring than logic, opinion that is backed by multiple sources, and numbered bullet points. Bigots never take the time to organize their word-vomit into legible writing. 

    • even though I’m not a fan of

      even though I'm not a fan of Trump and even more so his cabinet a lot of what you say is true Islamic loonies are a threat to this community as well as the world itself.I also don't like losers coming into this country and disrespecting it. Still you can not ignore the Christian far right threat and their crusade to destroy us especially the Tran community.Trans women especially Black Trans women are most at risk. I have a zero tolerance against all criminals, bigots of all types and gutless terrorist. I support if a person wants to own a gun.People think gun rights is only a old straight White mam issue but in the real world it's  every ones issue.As for a one world government it depends what type of mindset runs it. If it is based on the U.S values  then it is good. If it is run by Communism, Nazism, or religious BS then you can kiss the world good bye. The world of the far future eventually will become one nation if so then action have to issue it is a truly democratic government.     

    • The gay community’s support

      The gay community's support (or at least the support of most of them) for homophobic Islam to be imported into the western world has always confused me. I put it down to self-hatred because…it's the only explanation.

    • Thanks, Elaine. You’re still

      Thanks, Elaine. You're still a loudmouthed, racist cunt. " no, I'm not a Republican, but I don't want immigrants roaming free" Fuck you.


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