Channing Tatum to Headline Zoe Kravitz Horror Film ‘Blink Twice’

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Channing Tatum is my hall pass and I never thought I’d see him in a horror film. Not that I’m complaining, obviously, because his upcoming movie features a lot of shirtless content from the Hollywood hunk.

The trailer for Blink Twice dropped recently and film enthusiasts are ready to fill theaters on August 23, 2024 for several reasons. First reason: It’s the directorial debut of Zoe Kravitz. Second reason: The cast list is an incredible mix of rising stars and iconic talent.  Third reason: Channing Tatum with a long-ish beard is giving me the right kind of zaddy vibes.


Peep the trailer below, and I know exactly what MGM was doing by picking that thumbnail…

MGM summarizes the plot as:

When tech billionaire Slater King meets cocktail waitress Frida at his fundraising gala, sparks fly. He invites her to join him and his friends on a dream vacation on his private island. It’s paradise. Wild nights blend into sun-soaked days and everyone’s having a great time. No one wants this trip to end, but as strange things start to happen, Frida begins to question her reality. There is something wrong with this place. She’ll have to uncover the truth if she wants to make it out of this party alive.


Blink Twice also stars Naomi Ackie (Whitney Houston), Christian Slater (Heathers), Simon Rex (Scary Movie), Adria Arjona, Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Haley Joel Osment (Forest Gump), Geena Davis (Tootsie) and Alia Shawkat. Interestingly enough, Ms. Kravitz and Mr. Tatum were dating at the time of filming. 

I counted three shirtless scenes with Channing Tatum just from the trailer. Will there be more when the film hits theaters this summer? Find out when Blink Twice debuts in cinemas on August 23, 2024. 

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